Knowledge Hubs


Knowledge Hubs

Many businesses specialise in their industry, so when users have questions, where better to go than directly to their website. The creation of a bespoke knowledge hub allows for the website to become the leading place for key industry knowledge.

Similar to FAQ’s Knowledge Hubs can be used to answer industry-specific questions, but can also allow for a platform to offer users information on a particular subject.
There is a variety of options to make a knowledge hub unique to a site, including individual pages for each piece, or an accordion layout to click through each piece from the main page.

Knowledge hubs are a great platform for high-quality SEO content, where keywords can be used to offer industry-relevant content. This content can not only help a website to rank well in search engines but also lends itself to Google snippets. Snippets allow for answers to Google searches to be displayed clearly in results, allowing users to click through to relevant answers.

Examples of our knowledge hub

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John Craddock

Seamlessly integrated eCommerce for the world’s largest independent land rover part specialist…


A bespoke eCommerce site with stock management API integration…

KDM events

An optimised content management system for an award winning events company…