Hosting Security

Bolt on mitigators to protect your business
Safety nets by another name

For businesses, their website can be the primary source of business, generating both sales and leads. This means that the security of the website, including its hosting is a primary concern, particularly if customer details are retained within the site. There are a number of security options to be considered in regards to hosting, including DDOS, SSL and WAF.

A DDOS attack or denial of service attack happens when a website is flooded with traffic, preventing true users from gaining access. In 2021, these attacks rose by 175%, making them now one of the most common cyber attacks here in the UK.
When a website is hosted by Netbiz, we offer DDosX protection to help prevent DDOS attacks from taking your site offline in the future.

SSL, or secure sockets layer, is a standard level of protection for a website by way of encryption. For this, an SSL certificate needs to be added to a site, safeguarding data within the site, including potentially sensitive data.
WAF, or Website Application Firewall helps to prevent all known attacks on websites. This is kept up to date thanks to the use of hack attempts being analysed and rules being created to prevent the attack.