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Shared Managed Solutions

Hosting your website on a server, which is regularly upgraded, and managed 24/7 is vital to keeping your website not only online but secure. For smaller businesses, it can also be an unpleasant and high cost. Investing in Shared managed hosting can help to reduce this cost, along with ensuring that your website will remain live, a vital factor for your business.

Shared hosting is equally as secure as dedicated hosting, however, means that there will be multiple smaller sites hosted on one server. Each will have its own dedicated layer of protection, which can be increased with the introduction of DDOS protection where required.

Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Larger websites, eCommerce sites and those who require a high speed, and highly responsive website should consider dedicated hosting solutions for their website. Dedicated hosting solutions ensure that there is only one website hosted on a physical server, increasing not only the storage but also the speed and security.

With over 30,000 DDoS attacks on websites each day, dedicated hosting can help increase the security of a website, with additional security available for the server where required. Managed dedicated hosting includes servers being monitored 24/7 to ensure that they are continually running, without downtime. Servers will require regular updates, helping them to function as technology updates. This also includes regular security updates to evade future cyberattacks.

Hosting Security

Every 11 seconds there is a cyber-attack in just the UK alone. These cyber-attacks can take down your website, alter payment details, steal customer data amongst a number of other issues that they can cause. When the primary function of a business is to sell online, a cyber attack can eliminate business periodically, and jeopardise the reputation of the business in the long term.

Hosting security can include DDOS, SSL and WAF. Each offers a different form of protection for a website, which can be vital to the success of a business. Our hosting experts are on hand to help you understand the right protection for your business.


In the UK, a 2-second delay in webpage load time offers an abandon rate of up to 87%. With a potential loss in revenue, load speed is imperative to a business. International customers and clients will notice a slower load speed than those situated within a close distance of the server. Introducing a CDN, or content delivery network, allows a website’s content to be accessed from a selection of geographically distributed servers. Creating copies of the site closer to the user, allowing for quicker load times to be achieved. For a business that operates globally, investing in a CDN, alongside traditional hosting, can increase the visibility of a website to global users by ensuring that its load speed hits those required by search engines. A CDN can also offer increased protection against malicious attacks.