Optimising for crawlers and users
with a holistic approach


On page, Off page and Technical

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the art of helping a website, or a specific page, to rank well in search engines. SEO experts can help to take an unranking page and help it gain traction on the first page of google, increasing not only visibility but also brand awareness and sales.

High-quality SEO is more than just writing quality on-page content, it also involves a range of off-page tactics away from a business’s own website. From backlink campaigns to working closely with social media, reaching page one on a search engine isn’t all about keywords on a page, although, finding the right keywords for a business certainly plays a significant part in it.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to discuss the nature of your business to ensure that the keyword focus is as accurate as possible, while looking at keyword difficulty, ensuring that the work we do offers you the very best return on your investment.

Finding out where to start

A website that has never had any optimisation will have a limited chance of ranking well on search engines. So when a business begins the journey into optimisation, an audit offers a view of the work that needs to be undertaken in order to have a successful and healthy, ranking website.

A standard SEO audit holds an insight into the current trends of the site. A typical audit will include a review of currently ranking organic terms, where they have been for 6 months and the website’s current backlinks. Creating a baseline for optimisation work to begin. An audit will also review the current top-ranking pages and the terms that these rank for, which creates the basis for the campaign.

For technical SEO, an audit can also show a website’s current health score. A low health score offers little to search engines and users to the site. Over the course of a campaign, technical SEO will improve this to create a healthy site.

Finally, key competitor analysis can be included in an audit, offering a comparison of your website against a close competitor, potentially unlocking evidence as to why one ranks and not the other.