A Backlink Strategy

To Power Your Rankings


Backlinks for SEO

Generally speaking, the more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google. However, merely having a large amount of backlinks won’t get you to Google’s top spot, you need your backlinks to be of high-quality. This is where a strong and sufficient backlink strategy comes in.

How’s your backlink strategy?

Backlinks have been an integral part of SEO campaigns for many years now. The inbound links from external websites invite their site’s visitors to click through to your site, this is what is commonly referred to as a backlink.

How does this help with SEO? Google treats these backlinks as recommendations from one site to another, whether citing its source of information on a topic, offering another side to a discussion or just providing your site as a reliable source of information.

Backlinks and internal linking are a large part of the Google algorithm, as it’s in the search engine’s best interest to provide users with valid, trustworthy, and quality results.

These results allow a user to flow from one source of information to another, and if the content is helpful? Google hopes the user will continue interacting for as long as possible. The key to this is relevancy, uniqueness and authority.

A No-Risk Backlink Strategy


Not all backlinks are created equal. Low quality, spammy, artificial, low authority, thin or otherwise known as toxic backlinks, have a negative impact on a site’s SEO performance.

Avoiding toxic backlinks is necessary for good organic growth and ranking in search engine results. Using toxic backlinks can decrease search engine rankings and increase your chance of penalties from Google.

These types of backlinks can be disavowed (removed) from Google, and we include this in the basics of our backlink strategy.

Brands used to invest in backlinks to enhance their SEO, but inappropriate and irrelevant backlinks do more harm than good, dragging down a site’s authority and rankings.

Putting time and effort into a bespoke, honest and innovative backlink strategy encourages backlinks from websites with a higher authority score, improving your own authority score and subsequently search engine positioning.

Benefits of Backlinks

CREATE UNIQUE CONTENT THAT IS RELEVANT TO YOUR SEO GOALS Establish trustworthy content on your site that's relevant to the topics you want to be recognised for.
YOUR CONTENT GETS RECOGNISED BY VARIOUS CONTENT CREATORS Organically or through the use of PR, site admins are noticing the strengths of your content and want to utilise it.
THE OUTBOUND LINK IS DIRECTED TO YOUR AUTHORITATIVE CONTENT A site admin, or content creator has used your site as a reference point by implementing a follow link. A no-follow link might not have the same benefit.
BUILD YOUR BACKLINK PORTFOLIO TO DRIVE SEO With the backlink in place, your site is recognised by the algorithm as having a strong understanding and authority of the topic the backlink is relevant to.