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Content management systems, or CMS for short, is a user-friendly software application that allows users to create, coordinate, edit, optimise and publish content without needing to code anything.

The main purpose of a CMS is to give users freedom over managing their site without relying on developers who can code from scratch to make amends and other changes on their behalf.

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Built To Suit You

Over 73 million websites on the internet use a content management system.

Content management systems (such as WordPress and Magento) make it possible for businesses to provide their customers with critical and useful information about their business, services or products.

A CMS makes the online platform limitless for the user compared to more restricted websites that require premium website coding knowledge. Also, content can be updated on demand rather than taking hours or days.

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CMS Benefits

CMS sites are designed to require little to no technical expertise to update and maintain once they have been developed. When built correctly, content management systems require no coding amends and offer integrated editing tools for the user. These tools allow the website to be kept up-to-date by those within the business who need to, with little to no training.

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A CMS website comes with the following benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Functionality
  • Ability to add vast amounts of content
  • SEO-friendly features (content optimisations and plugins)
  • Easy maintenance
  • User friendly
  • Out-of-the-box solutions
  • Extendable functionality (plugins and extensions)
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Your customers not only need to learn and benefit from your website, finding exactly what they’re looking for, they need to be able to find you first.

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