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Why Magento might be right for you

Magento is a quality PHP eCommerce platform, allowing for structured, bespoke online shopping sites to be created. For businesses looking to invest in their first eCommerce site, or to upgrade their existing platform, Magento offers a strong base for both small and large scale online sales.

Magento has undertaken a number of changes since inception, and each version operates differently. Investing in a team of experts with experience in all versions of Magento can help to get a website from uninspiring and impractical, to a user friendly, highly functioning website, complete with bespoke web design to suit the brand.

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Why Magento?

Magento gives its users a whole host of innovative features to power an eCommerce store. From Order Processing to Inventory Management, Magento’s detailed CRM provides unparalleled control over your online business.

In addition to the out-of-the-box functionality, Magento has a comprehensive Eco System providing a number of modules and plug-ins to connect additional technologies to a site. Performance for any Magento site is key, therefore, in addition to the build itself, Netbiz also offers Magento dedicated hosting solutions that help with page load and ensure the user experience runs at a premium.

While Magento has a host of benefits as an eCommerce platform, however, isn’t the perfect platform for every business. A team of experts will complete an audit of exiting sites and features that are required to ensure that the business is using the most appropriate and effective platform for their project.

Build on the facts with digital marketing

  • Of people use mobile as their primary browser
  • 23% of ecommerce is b2b
  • Google sees more than 8.5 billion searches a day
  • 84% of us use Google 3x a day

Examples of our Magento sites


A hybrid of Magento and a Bespoke platform, offering a global solution