Choosing the Right Web Platform

There’s more to website platforms than meets the eye.

Websites provide a one way relationship to visitors and should provide easy navigation, engaging content, relevant and trustworthy information as well as a pleasant experience leading visitors to convert. Without the right website platform, this could be something your business falls down on.

A web platform needs to offer reciprocal engagement, with interactions for users generating personalised experiences.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Every web platform has strengths and weaknesses, but only by reaching out to us will we know if the simple blog format of WordPress, the in-built ecommerce functionality of Opencart or the multiple storefront powerhouse of Magento is the right decision to help you to achieve your goals.

OpenSource Software

OpenSource software is well-known as the best software for web platforms because it offers its licence to everyone.

This trait allows tens of thousands of individual takes on manipulating and building on the code to achieve any goal in the best possible way. You know it!

OpenSource software also allows us to build the best-fit systems that will accommodate your business.

The software offers the following benefits:

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