Create a shake up and
redefine your market
Starting anew, or a twist on a tested brand identity

Over time a brand image can become outdated. The business may have grown, changed its values or mission or the brand may just need a modern refresh. When this is the case, it is time to consider rebranding.

While rebranding typically includes updating the logo and the website, there is more required than a new logo from an amateur attempt on photoshop.
The rebranding includes creating a whole new persona for the business and the brand itself. This new persona should not only display where the brand is right now but also where the brand is looking to grow to in the coming years.

A complete rebrand should require logo creation with one of our graphic designers, a new colour palette, brand strategy and brand guidelines. However, a further in-depth could include a complete website redesign, fresh content from expert copywriters, using the appropriate tone of voice and a fresh social media campaign to showcase the new branding.