Create a shake up and
redefine your market
Refresh Your Brand Image

There’s nothing like rebranding to show the market who’s here to do business.

Over time, a brand’s image can become outdated, outgrown and forgettable in a market where new businesses are constantly popping up. Your business may have grown, changed its values or mission, or the brand may need revitalisation. If this is the case? It’s time to consider rebranding!

What does rebranding include?

Typically, a new brand image includes updating the logo and website – but there is much more to achieve than this.

A rebrand includes creating a brand new persona for the business and the brand itself. This new persona should reflect where the brand is right now and where the brand is looking to grow in the coming years.

Think about your brand at present. Why is it now different from its existing branding? What’s grown, changed or yet to be revealed?

You’ll need a decent idea of your brand’s future to get this rebrand precisely right. Consistency, clarity and precision are essential elements during this process, and our passionate team of creatives are beyond experienced with new branding projects.

Let’s go!

A complete rebrand should require logo creation with one of our Graphic Designers, a new colour palette, Brand Strategy and Brand Guidelines.

However, after an in-depth investigation and a kick-off meeting with our team, a recommendation for a complete website redesign, fresh content from our copywriters (using a specific and reflective tone of voice) and a fresh social media campaign to showcase the new branding may also be advised.

Contact the team and get ready to talk about your new brand image!