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tailor-made websites

Bespoke website platforms are built to create an individual base for any business, allowing them to offer all the functionalities that their users will need. By investing in a bespoke platform, businesses can offer customers a site that is user friendly and allows them to perform actions standard platforms may not offer, such as part or product pickers.

Investing in a bespoke platform allows for additional features to be added within the admin panel that can help the business daily. This includes generating automatic PDF’s for functions such as orders and invoices, as well as creating individual reports for the business targeting KPIs.

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While many Open Source platforms have been developed by a team of experts, undergone multiple versions and incorporated a number of useful features, they may not be the perfect solution for every business. Bespoke platforms are built in-house by a team of expert web developers, following a number of in-depth discussions and proposals, to develop the best platform possible for the business.

Bespoke platforms can incorporate a number of the features and functionalities of other Open Source platforms, combined in one easy to use system. Platforms can also be built to link with any existing system, increasing compatibility with existing, or suppliers.