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Brand Strategy Elements

How would you like your brand to be perceived?

A brand strategy requires more thought than what goes into visual appeal. Let’s talk about internal brand decisions that reflect the personality and message of the company. This strategy should be carefully agreed upon, with many elements to consider.

Tone of Voice

How do you want your audience to hear your brand? Do you want to come across as fun, formal, casual, enthusiastic, driven or compassionate? Your brand TOV is the mood or emotion you exude in your brand messaging, copy, content and more. This tone will represent your brand, values, colleagues and match how you work as a collective.


Each one of these factors is essential, but your brand personality is your HOOK. 64% of women and 68% of men surveyed have felt an emotional connection with a brand, and personality is a dominant factor that can set you apart from the rest of your competition.

Charm and persona can provoke emotional responses from users, winning over many of them as online followers. Once a user gets to know your brand, and they also like what they see (in an identity and offering that mirrors the brand’s persona), you’ll have won over a long-term fan.


What’s your brand objective? How will your brand give the people what they want?! What impact do you want the brand to make on the public? The strategy and brand identity will consistently reflect your brand mission, so make it authentic, realistic and representative.

Target Audience

Who is your audience? What specific consumers do you want to target to purchase your product or service? Considerations are typically hobbies, age, gender, income, location, interests and many other factors. Get in tune and put yourself in the mind of your audience to achieve an understanding of their buying behaviours and more.

Positioning & Promise

This element taps into human sentiment, emotion and relatable connections. Brand positioning marks the unique value that a brand presents to its audience. Brands establish this in their marketing strategy to convey their value proposition, intriguing the public into choosing and preferring their brand over others.

For example, Starbucks’s positioning strategy is more than just about premium coffee standards, as they promise a consistent, reliable and friendly experience design to nourish the human spirit. How will you define your brand and its unique value?


Brand values are the foundational morals that a business stands for and follows externally and internally. These values give users an insight into the brand’s morals and incentives. 77 percent of consumers buy from brands that share the same values as they do. The morals guide the brand’s actions and create trust for users to associate themselves with.



What sums your brand up? What can you offer in one line? What can you support your ideal target consumer with? Round your brand up in a few words and give your audience a clever, catchy, notable phrase or unique saying that will make them remember your brand for what you are, why they need your products and why they should trust your services. Don’t overthink it, JUST DO IT.



Your brand vision tells the world (specifically your key demographic) where your brand’s purpose is heading. For example, Amazon’s brand vision is “to be earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

What’s wise to think about here is: Where do you want your business to go? What can you achieve on a realistic scale? What changes can your brand make for people or the industry? What problem or pain point are you trying to solve for the public?

Purpose & Message

Brand purpose touches on brand promise, values and positioning slightly, but it’s important not to confuse these. A brand purpose is essentially a brand’s reason for being beyond making money, and a quality brand purpose will aim to put users first.

The purpose element guides business decisions and thought processes while considering how this will build a connection between the consumers and the brand, instigating loyalty and trust.

Brand Identity

This is where aesthetics come in!

These visual representations make up a brand identity, which should always follow a bold and focused brand strategy.

  • Logo
  • Colour Scheme
  • Font Style
  • Appearance
  • Structure

The identity is the coherent visual elements and should mirror all strategy connotations to achieve brand consistency.

Brand colours can say a lot about a brand, and many striking colours come with various connotations you should be aware of when deciding on your brand’s signature colours. The colour of your brand creates your brand’s memorable and visual identity. No pressure!

Brand colours evoke emotions and associations, so you’ll want to think hard about this one! Our experts can support you with this decision and put together logo designs and fonts for you to preview and compare your options.


Many businesses have a strong vision of how they want their brand to be perceived but are unsure where to start. As a brand strategy agency, our team can guide you and advise you through each step of your branding journey

Our brand experts can develop an in-depth brand strategy that incorporates all of the above elements. And if you’re unsure on any of the above plans for your brand, we’ve supported multiple companies in making these decisions.

Brand strategies are essential, and it’s in our best interest to help you get it right.

We’re not going anywhere.

We have designers to help with visual aspects, copywriters and social media experts to support brand personality and charm. From expressing your brand’s TOV to responding to the engagement you receive, our creatives and social media team are on hand to help with this responsibility.

A brand strategy drives how a business appears to target audiences, potential customers and competitors. Working hard to ensure a solid plan is in place and followed in all public areas raises brand awareness and improves visibility over time. So, what have you got to lose?

It’s time to get your brand out there.

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