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Branding Development

Behind every successful brand is a powerful, in-depth strategy.

While a brand’s appeal is crucial, this standalone component is nearly useless if you can not identify what the brand is and who the brand is for.

Each strategy should solidly confirm the following factors:

  • TOV (Tone of Voice)
  • Mission/Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Message
  • Positioning
  • Personality
  • Values
  • Tagline
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Brand Identity (Logo, Colour Scheme, Font Style, Appearance & Structure)


Brand identity covers all visual representations and it should be well briefed by the brand strategy (TOV, Mission, etc.), ensuring the two are perfectly aligned to avoid incoherence.

The strategy should outline how the business will present itself and influence public perception, and the identity is the coordinated visual elements within that strategy. Both working in unison secures uniqueness, significance and trust in a brand.

The strategy should align all elements of the brand, each one being as important as the last. These elements should allow for ease of recognition from your target audience.

Using a signature colour can cause an 80% increase in a consumer’s recognition of your brand.

Let’s make your brand memorable.

A brand’s visual appeal, colour schemes, TOV, message and other factors should be consistent throughout the brand’s website, socials and print marketing.

All of these elements are crucial to express to the public, but brand messaging and values should also be reflected in the day-to-day practices of the business, in order to keep the brand consistent and ensure integrity is upheld at all times. Users want trustworthy brands that express authentic values, inside and out!

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PR & Communications

The word-of-mouth strategy.

88% of PR specialists say that digital storytelling is the future.

To get a brand’s voice heard in the media and your suited industry, effective PR is crucial.

An example of public relations could be the exciting launch of a brand or trade show event you’re attending – but this can be time-consuming, even for professionals. With our PR and communications gurus, you can increase your efficiency by investing in premium PR with us.

PR, combined with brand strategies, enhances and maintains a brand’s valuable position in the market. With PR, we can communicate your current and upcoming product or service offering, while managing any damage control that may be required.

Communication covers discourse with media outlets, stakeholders and customers all the way to crisis communications.

Troubles with negative press or disgruntled customers? Trust us to step in, reduce the impact and resolve the situation as quickly as possible on your behalf.

Graphic Design

Graphic design leads the way for many brands, especially as 32% of marketers say it’s important to use visual content (graphic design) for their businesses. Graphics and visuals are easy to read and are typically more attractive to the user than text.

Infographics and other colourful visuals can increase sales by up to 80%.

We offer numerous creative and expert graphic design skills, covering brand logos, website assets, social media posts, print marketing and branded designs for merchandise.

Our talented designers are exceptionally driven regarding eye-catching graphic designs. Our skills can increase and enhance brand recognition, creating unique and memorable elements for your brand to wear with pride.

Let our designers see your brief.

Our branding agency consists of specialists who understand the importance of brand identity. Working with us, you can take comfort in achieving a collection of on-brand assets with enhanced call-to-actions with that essential vocalised brand identity.

We offer a selection of individualistic designs to cater to multiple sectors. Our team has worked on modern designs with vintage twists, loud illustrations with quiet copy, subtle designs with delicate pops of brand colours, appreciably noticeable billboards, formal brochures and everything in between.

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