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Ecommerce as We Know It

With an eCommerce website, your customers can shop your products from anywhere.

Home? Work? The gym? On holiday? You can shop anywhere! Think easy and convenient shopping for your users.

Not only are eCommerce platforms transportable, but they also give your customers access to browse a wide range of products. With no in-person shop and limited storage to consider, our eCommerce solutions mean you can advertise and feature as many items as you’d like.

There’s no limit to how many products you can sell in an online store, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get your store up and running so your users can start shopping today!

Benefits of Ecommerce

Ecommerce platforms give brands and customers the following benefits:

  • A quick purchase process
  • Cheaper to run than an offline store
  • Customisable store and product listing creations
  • More freedom over (cost-saving) advertisements and marketing
  • Ease of access and flexibility for customers
  • Unlimited space for products and services
  • Filters to help with user experience
  • Room for content to explain product features and specifications
  • Easy price comparisons
  • Convenience of making immediate changes to products to match market trends

Ecommerce websites also offer a secure opportunity for brands to sell goods online with online payment methods included.

Conversion Ready

79% of shoppers shop online at least once a month.

Over 80% of the UK’s population makes e-commerce purchases, meaning over four in five UK consumers are digital buyers.

The world is only getting more digital as time goes on, so with these figures looking to increase, now is the time to move to an eCommerce website.

An eCommerce platform also:

  • Takes away the pressure of relying on the performance of a high-street store
  • Helps to solidify a brand’s position in the marketplace
  • Gives the brand an advantage of selling over offline stores that close in the evening (prime selling hours!)
  • Can have 24/7 managed hosting from multiple locations

Our eCommerce solutions give you all of this and more. With a team of specialists with years of experience and knowledge, you can get the best out of your online store and enjoy every minute of the journey!

Ecommerce Platforms

What to choose?

There are plenty of eCommerce platforms available, but finding which ones suit your brand down to a T is what matters to us. The needs of your business come first and will determine which will give you an efficient, smooth and high-performing eCommerce solution.

Where to start? The brief.

One of our web developers will meet with you or welcome you into our Netbiz HQ (coffee and snacks on tap) to discuss and understand your requirements for the website. This brief will include the back end functionality so we can decide which solution fits your needs and to build an easy to manage, advantageous converting website for you.

We have built various types of eCommerce websites, from large scale multinational sites built on a bespoke platform to independent stores to get a small business online in a short timescale.

No matter which scale, size, needs or ambitions of your business, we can match the right platform and build an eCommerce website you can be honestly proud of.

Our Ecommerce Projects

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