Our brief

We set out to create an e-Commerce website that converted traffic into sales effectively within a highly competitive market.

To compete against other retailers, the site required exceptional SEO results with high google rankings for competitive terms, alongside an optimised and maximised paid media budget.  

It was important that the new site featured the same facilities as the client’s old site, including warehouse and Sage integration. Additionally, the site needed to be comparable to top level e-Commerce fashion websites, and boast a hosting capability to allow for huge volumes of traffic for retail events like Black Friday. 


Maintain Website Functionality Integrating stock management system and Sage into the new website
Built to compete The website needed to perform competitively against top e-Commerce fashion websites
Competitive SEO for high volume terms The term ‘wedding shoes’ gets 46000 searches per month
PPC return on investment To maximise the budget and drive price per click down

What we delivered

We delivered an industry leading website built on a bespoke platform.

Our SEO campaign successfully overcame a number of challenges, placing Lace & Favour on the first page of results for a number of high volume, key search terms – including wedding shoes and wedding veils. 

Additionally, we delivered a significant improvement to the client’s return on investment with PPC, and collectively these factors have contributed to a staggering uplift in sales for the site. 

Sage and warehouse integration were also delivered, and improved for maximum efficiency. 


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Under the hood

  • Bespoke Website
  • Integration with Sage
  • Stock Management
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Stripe
  • Salesfire
  • Klarna

Behind the scenes

As with most e-Commerce sites, straightforward and reliable content management was a priority for Lace & Favour.

We delivered a site that features an easy to use and comprehensive content management system, with full inventory management and automated aspects to save on data entry time. To ensure a seamless order journey right through to dispatch, the site also features multi-user access for the dispatch team. 

Additionally, customised sales reports are easily generated, and Google Analytics provides thorough e-Commerce tracking. This allows Lace & Favour to see which products are selling well and are achieving a high engagement. 

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Channels and integrations

SEO results

78% increase in ranked keywords Organic search terms were optimised to increase visibility of the site
194% increase in organic traffic Users visiting site from unpaid sources
414% increase in monthly revenue Turnover per month increased considerably
Return on ad spend increased by 84% Cost vs tracked conversions

Results and benefits

  • 1
    Sales uplift A staggering increase in sales
  • 2
    Rise in organic traffic High performing SEO improves reach to potential customers
  • 3
    Return on ad spend Maximising the ad spend with large amounts of engagement
  • 4
    Improved upsell Call to action features such as product suggestions to encourage larger purchases


The main goal of this project was to create a site that would maximise conversions and as a result, the substantial increase in sales recorded as a result of this project was a major mark of success.

The outstanding rankings produced for a number of key search terms through our SEO campaign facilitated a rise in organic traffic to the website, which was especially important considering the saturated market that Lace & Favour operates in. 

Additionally, our work to optimise and maximise Lace & Favour’s paid media budget helped to drive down the cost per click for ads, and successfully produced increased customer engagement with the site.

Overall, the success of our SEO campaign, and the improved website functionality produced, considerably increased successful customer conversions. 


Need a similar solution?

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