Growing audiences through
social media and traditional marketing

Social Media

In the UK alone there are over 53 million social media users, with 98% of these users accessing their social media from their mobile phones daily. Meaning that the quickest way to take marketing to the user is through the use of social media.

With users able to select who they follow at will, keeping content engaging and relevant is key to growth, and maintenance for a healthy social media following. Creating a social media marketing plan, with your brand strategy in mind, our team of social media experts will devise the perfect plan, meeting all your key targets along the way.

With social media post scheduling, responding to interactions, and maintaining a strong presence taking up valuable time each day, investing in a professional service can reduce the pressure. Not to mention there is a team of creative graphic designers to create the perfect branded assets to use.


While the digital era is taking over, as a nation, the UK still prefers traditional print media for a selection of their marketing. Where previously, printed brochures were the only way to show a collection of products or services, they now offer a more luxurious presentation.

Print marketing can include brochures, leaflets, billboards and mail drops. Billboards are still at the heart of print media, with many of the population passing several daily, While mail drops allow a business to take their marketing into the homes of the target market.

Pairing print marketing with quality photography, expertly written copy and creative graphic design helps to give your brand the best, individual brand image.


While the content of a website is primarily what brings users to a website, imagery is listed as one of the top three reasons that a user will leave a site. From sub-par homepage images, to poorly taken images throughout the website, or even blurry photos used on social media, imagery can let a brand down.

Investing in high-quality imagery and graphics can change the length of time a user stays on your website, increasing the opportunity for a sale, or contact from them. Photography plays a huge role in accessing the best images for a business’s website. Introducing purposeful photography to a website, rather than stock images, helps to increase user engagement and boost sales.