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Brochures to Billboards

Printing in a digital age

Did you think print marketing was a forgotten form of marketing?

When done right, print marketing can give your brand a presence that simply isn’t achievable online.

Not sure where to start? Speak to our experts today, and we’ll get you noticed.

We might live in an ever-evolving digital world, but print marketing is still used more than ever- they now appear in a  digital format. Some examples of digital CTAs include social media handles and QR codes. Print, although a traditional marketing style, still includes a variety of media, from billboards, posters, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, and business cards.

Keeping customers engaged and informed offline has always relied on high-quality, informative print media.

The content design and printing journey can take time and requires a tenacious attitude to get the project completed to deadlines. Once designs have departed to print, it’s time for a complete and costly reprint. Meaning that the print needs to be perfect the first time around to save money and valuable time. Lucky for you, we’re experts at what we do, and we can help you to eliminate that risk.

Getting the design ready for print is where our team of graphic designers SHINE. Our passionate team of copywriters will also take part in our print advertising, ensuring the text is memorable, effective, accurate and grammatically correct.


To keep your audience impressed with printed brochures now that brochures are readily available and digitally accessible online, using a glossy, high quality and premium material brochure to advertise your services and products is now seen as quite the impressive luxury amongst more common printed advertisements.

The aim is to increase the customer’s interest in your service, and that’s what we specialise in here at Netbiz. Print marketing and many other marketing forms, should always be created with the target audience in mind.

Some print marketing advertising boxes to tick are:

  • High-quality
  • Easy to follow
  • Informative
  • Unique
  • Eye-catching
  • Memorable
  • Suited to your brand
  • Personable

Designing a winning brochure requires creative skill, and a team of creative designers who can take a daunting task and deliver a ready-to-print brochure that offers the customer exactly what they want from your business. Team this up with quality text from expert copywriters and you find yourself with a brochure that displays your business, products and services at its most desirable, approachable and capable.

Printed brochures are great for specific targeting to customers who request them, visit premises and trade shows, or can even be used as part of a mail drop. Forming an inexpensive method of luxury and traditional marketing is possible with our print advertising agency experts.


Billboards are essential to get right the first time, as in most cases, they sit in locations with lots of footfall and traffic. Billboards are traditional and are universally recognised places for brands and businesses to show off their products and services.

What will your billboard say about your brand?

Each billboard design serves a specific purpose, such as brand visibility or lead generation. Seen by huge audiences who walk and drive past or wait at bus stops, their vast visibility ensures that a billboard is the form of marketing that has to be seen by anyone who goes near it – whether they are local, national or even worldwide.

Businesses can end up bidding in competition for a billboard in a completely inappropriate location for said business. Our print advertising experts can guide you to ensure you’re not paying too much and that the billboard placement is ideal for the nature of the ad.

Right first time.

Alongside the location, the graphics, colours, tone of voice and many other factors for a billboard should exceed exceptional quality for the best finish. Our experienced, collaborative and creative graphic designers can focus on the process for your business, so all you have to do is sign off the final billboard design.