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You can find this digital marketing agency in multiple locations across the UK, so wherever you are based, you’re never far from our ingenious digital marketing solutions! You are welcome.

Way back in 2004, our one-of-a-kind marketing team opened up the first Netbiz office in the heart of Newcastle-under-Lyme, and to this day we are still here. In fact, we use this office as our HQ (or our lovely hub of creativity, should we say).

So, where else are we located? That’s simple, we also operate in Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, and Inverness! We understand you’re spoilt for choice to discover our phenomenal services, so figure out which location your business is closest to and get dialling!

(Insert H2 Tag) Supplying Digital Marketing Excellent Across The UK

What do all of our locations promise? A creative atmosphere, friendly faces and efficient strategies, no matter what type of service you need. We celebrate what we do by surrounding ourselves with bold colours, unique meeting spaces, and a variation of questionable music.

Our Netbiz team love working in an upbeat atmosphere where each individual can get hands-on with creativity, productivity and strategy. If you’d like to come and see our offices, make sure to give us a call.

Our dedicated Account Managers will be happy to hear from you. And if you’re curious about working for Netbiz, glance over our Careers Page for the opportunities we’re currently hiring for. Don’t hold back!

John Craddock

Seamlessly integrated eCommerce for the world’s largest independent land rover part specialist…


Tailormade eCommerce that helped to increase online turnover by 30% year-on-year…


A bespoke eCommerce site with stock management API integration…

KDM events

An optimised content management system for an award winning events company…