John Craddock


Our brief

Our brief was to create an e-Commerce website for John Craddock that was straightforward to manage, and could display tens of thousands of products at once.

At the time, John Craddock was experiencing a period of growth, so they required a site that could grow with them, as their customer base and product catalogue continued to expand.

Security and user experience were also extremely important elements of the design of the new site, to ensure customer retention and increase user satisfaction.



Highly competitive marketplace Increases the need to ensure security and provide an unmatched consumer experience.
Evolving to keep ahead Frequently updating the e-Commerce solution to stay ahead of the competition.
Large product range to index 75K products indexed in Google to be discoverable to potential customers.
Integrating in-house management systems Integrating accounts and stock management

What we delivered

We delivered a tailor made e-Commerce system, with the ability to handle tens of thousands of orders per year. 

Ongoing refinements and optimisations have ensured that the site continues to perform at the highest possible level.

The site remains competitive in John Craddock’s market, and continues to accommodate the needs of a large client base.

A strategic SEO campaign has resulted in rankings for thousands of key words.


desktop device

under the hood

  • Bespoke Website
  • Integrated with epos system
  • Automatic Cart Recovery
  • PayPal
  • Stripe / Apple Pay
  • Box Packer / Shipping Matrix
  • Hotjar

Behind the scenes

We ensured that the site boasted full content and inventory management, to keep systems cohesive and utilise automation to save data entry time.

Additionally, customised sales reporting and e-Commerce tracking in Google Analytics helps the client to understand the revenue and performance of individual products, and to capitalise on high performers.

We also included a range of payment options, enabling customers to checkout quickly, easily and securely.

desktop device

channels and integrations

SEO results,/span>

Competes online against all competitors Increased optimisation keeps competitiveness high
Out-ranks Land Rover’s official website Appears above the official Land Rover website for many search terms which increases consumer visibility
Significant growth over 10 years Amount of sales and size of the business has grown at a rapid rate
Schema data enhances search listings Improves how the page displays in search engine results by enhancing information below the link

Results and benefits

  • 1
    800% increase in sales A significant rise in sales over a 10 year period
  • 2
    Rankings for 1000s of keywords in Google Rankings for thousands of keywords increases online visibility and helps potential customers discover products
  • 3
    Automated integration with logistics software To save data entry time
  • 4
    Amazon, Stripe, PayPal Express payment Increase in payment options for consumers to checkout quickly, easily and securely


The 800% increase in sales overseen in the 10 years that followed the initial introduction of this site is a huge mark of success for this project.

As John Craddock sits in such a competitive market, it was important that the site not only performed highly, and boasted a solid user experience, but also that it ranked well for a range of keywords.

The success of the website design, combined with the strategic SEO campaign that followed, has aided John Craddock in a huge growth in sales.


Need a similar solution?

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