Our brief

We set out to deliver a bespoke e-Commerce site with MAM Software integration.

JRP Distribution chose us to complete this project, as they were aware that we had successfully completed a project with a similar integration previously.

The JRP site features a vast online catalogue, used for both B2B and B2C sales, so we also prioritised the creation of a fast and seamless product search, along with a straightforward and user friendly customer account sign-in.  




Tight deadline for launch Work had to be completed in a short space of time
Liaisons with MAM Software External communication was needed to incorporate the software
Keep old website functionality The website had to do everything JRP's old site did
Improved features and functionality User experience for customers with sign-in and account very important

What we delivered

To ensure the best user experience possible, we delivered fast page load speeds and the capacity for fast and easy product searches, alongside clear product information and prices. 

Features to increase the efficiency of product selection were also included with different colours and sizes for products, and we created a new trade ordering portal to allow account holders to place orders and view previous ordering histories with ease.

Additionally, we successfully executed the MAM Software integration. This software currently holds 6000 items, with features incorporated to allow for bulk buying, bundling, and discount codes, to improve efficiency for customers placing large orders for wholesale shopping. 


desktop device

Under the hood

  • Opencart 3
  • Integrated with MAM Software epos system
  • Limited account types
  • Wholesale shopping
  • Infinite scrolling categories

Behind the scenes

As orders can only be processed on JRP’s site through an accounts system, it was vital to ensure that the customer sign in and ordering functionality was efficient and easy to use. 

The site is also used by sales representatives at JRP on a day to day basis, therefore it was important that the site was straightforward and enjoyable to use, with sleek features to allow for the best possible customer journey from start to finish. 

Features were also included to ensure stock data input would be highly efficient, this is necessary due to the high volumes of products that JRP displays on their site. 

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Channels and integration

Video talk through

Results and benefits

MAM Software integration Ensures accurate product listings on the site
Better features and functionality Increases ease of use for customers and sales representatives, along with giving a more professional feel
Fast product search For customers and sales reps to locate products quickly and easily
Quick and straightforward customer sign in and order As account ordering is the only way to purchase products this step needed to be as user friendly as possible

Need a similar solution?

Have you seen something in our JRP Distribution case study that you think might work for your business? Are you currently using an outdated platform and think that Opencart 3 is the next step for you? Our expert team of web developers and designers are on hand to walk you through the process of choosing the right platform and design for you and your brand.


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