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Building A Brand

Think you know brand guidelines?

Building a brand, whether that be expanding on an already established business brand or whether you are starting from scratch, comes with diligent responsibility and requires extreme attention to detail and clarity.

Brand guidelines will affect the website, print marketing, social media presence, and office culture. Your brand guidelines need to be applied consistently to everything your business represents to give the best brand recognition possible.

Think again!

Brand guidelines involve all crucial factors like the brand’s logo application, mission statement, colour and font usage, tone of voice, messaging, graphics and more. The best way to ensure the alignment of every original business element is to introduce brand guidelines.

While brand guidelines might seem limiting at first, they can actually give you more space for creativity in your work and they can help ensure the continuity of your business is upheld at all times.

After the perfect brand guidelines that mirror your business inside and out?

A brand can work on their plan in-house to a degree, but we have a team of specialists, experts and natural creatives to help you through every step of your journey.

From building a brand with you, to a new brand logo design, brand experts who can promise clarity, communication and fantastic results.

Front and Centre

A brand’s logo design sits at the front and centre of the business. Throughout any marketing materials, an end-user will always be able to spot and recognise your logo. So no pressure!

First things first.

Your brand’s logo must catch the eye of potential customers and relevant markets and industries. Your brand logo is your weapon that allows you to build brand recognition. If you don’t think your current logo achieves this or need advice with building one from scratch, get ahead of the game with a bespoke logo design created by expert graphic designers.

Logo design is all about catching the essence of your business. From fun and funky to suit creatives, to formal builds for corporate brands, we can cover all bespoke, original, and catered-for logo designs.

What happens now?

Our friendly team of designers will meet with you (at our cosy HQ or wherever suits you best) to gain maximum clarity over what you need from us.

No complications. No stress. Just a clear understanding.

Our designers will ask how you want your customers or clients to identify your brand. They’ll then brief other creatives in the team who can support the project and take everything you want to achieve on board to create the perfect design.

The brand logo design also comes with as many alterations as you need. We’d much prefer you to receive something we can both be proud of.

Our designers are not only experienced in what they do but take pride in each project they work on. Whether it be brand logo designs for pottery, car parts, solicitors, playgroups or anything in between, they love what they do.

Feeling unsure of what direction you want to take?

This concern isn’t a problem in the slightest. Our designers can help you narrow down what you’re looking for with options and solutions based on your ideas, brand guidelines and colour scheme. 

It bodes well for us that we understand your concerns, as this will guide us into knowing exactly what to avoid, making our designs more strategic.

We’re here to create the ideal logo for you, and we’re excited to hear from you to get things started.

Contact the team today.

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