Brand Guidelines

Defining your brand as the best


Building a brand

Building a new brand for a business can be a significantly challenging task, even within the smallest of businesses. From the website to traditional marketing, social media presence to offices. Everything needs to be aligned to give the best brand recognition possible.

Brand guidelines include everything from the mission statement, the colour scheme, the brand’s history and even down to the tone of voice. The best way to ensure the alignment of every element of the business is to introduce brand guidelines.

Developing the perfect brand guidelines can be done in-house, however, to guarantee that all elements of the brand guidelines align, including a new logo design courtesy of a team of expert graphic designers, it is best left to brand experts, such as team Brand at Netbiz Group.

Front and centre

Logo design is at the forefront of a business. A logo catches the eye of potential customers and helps to build brand recognition. Get ahead with a bespoke logo design created by expert graphic designers.
Logo design is all about catching the essence of your business. From corporate designs to fun and funky logos, you’ll never find the perfect design. It needs to be bespoke for your business.

Our designers will meet with you to discuss the essence of your business, and how you want your customers or clients to identify you. We can take everything you are looking for onboard and create the perfect design with as many alterations as you need

Our designers have a wealth of experience in creating logos for all types of businesses, from playgroups to solicitors, pottery to car parts and everything in between. Being unsure of what exactly you are looking for allows for our skilled designers to create the ideal logo from your ideas to meet your brand guidelines and colour scheme.

Examples of our Brand Guidelines

Over the Spoon

A content managed site designed to highlight the rebrand of a leading plant based dessert company…

Beswicks Legal

A bespoke content managed site designed to highlight speciality & business law…

KDM events

An optimised content management system for an award winning events company…


A hybrid of Magento and a Bespoke platform, offering a global solution