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We set out to create a redesigned site for Beswicks Legal, which would reflect the ethos, personnel and breadth of services they provide. 

A content managed site was required, to optimise the customer journey around their users’ specific needs, with a strategic approach to conversion rate optimisation and search engine visibility.

It was important that the new site was built with SEO in mind from the start, to ensure solid rankings for legal terms and questions.


Business and personal law split Providing clear separation, to improve the customer journey and clear routes to solve queries quickly
Communicating expertise Demonstrating that Beswicks are experts across all sectors of law
Ranking for competitive regional search terms Needed to rank highly on results for lawyers in the area to increase visibility
Visual impact with a professional feel The site needed to look more visually appealing without losing professionalism


We delivered a site which splits the user journey right from the start, to identify specific needs easily and improve user experience.

We utilised a number of functionalities to demonstrate the legal expertise of the team at Beswicks. Most notably, a knowledge hub, which included a library of questions and answers related to common legal issues and topics, these questions and answers also featured calls to action and contact details for appropriate professionals at Beswicks – to streamline the customer journey.

Additionally, we ensured that the site maintained a professional feel, and featured professional looking visuals – with consistent photography and design. We also worked with Beswicks to design corporate literature, brochures, leaflets and wall art for their offices, to be in keeping with the new professional branding displayed on their site. 

The site was built with SEO in mind from the start, and the strategy was to rank for long tail, informative terms, to rank the site in response to legal questions. 

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  • WordPress
  • Legal Knowledge Hub
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Staff Directory


User experience was an important focus of this project, so we implemented the latest usability trends across the site, to maximise user engagement and position the website as a contemporary, market-leading brand.

A mobile first approach was also adopted, to ensure a seamless transition between mobile and desktop browsing, with easily identifiable key information and contact points.

Additionally, we designed a unique navigation menu to improve the visual appeal and user experience of the site navigation.

A landing page was included on the site to maximise user interaction and encourage enquiries. Google analytics was also incorporated to highlight the most popular pages on the site, enabling content visibility to be adjusted accordingly.

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  • 1
    Legal knowledge hub Increases user interaction and improves journey - as answers to common queries can be found quickly
  • 2
    Staff directory Enables customers to find a professional suited to their needs quickly, and has become one of the most visited pages on the site
  • 3
    Personal and business law split Improves the customer journey by providing a clear path to the information they’re looking for
  • 4
    Analytics Highlights popular topics and questions to help tailor information on the site

There has been a notable increase in traffic to Beswicks’ new site since its launch, demonstrating the success of the website redesign, and the accompanying SEO campaign.

The inclusion of a legal hub has had a significant impact in the success of the site, in addition to showcasing Beswicks’ solicitors as experts in the legal field. 

The user experience features included in the build of the site, make the site easy to navigate and maximise user experience.

The success of the staff directory also highlights the benefit of including experts in each field for customers to contact directly with queries. 


Have you seen something in our Beswicks case study that you think might work for your business? Are you currently using an outdated platform and think that WordPress is the next step for you? Our expert team of web developers and designers are on hand to walk you through the process of choosing the right platform and design for you and your brand.

Our bespoke knowledge hub design has been recreated in the form of a legal hub, showcasing how interchangeable the functionality can be. Combining expertise from our web developers and our optimise team, knowledge hubs help to get those important snippets on Google. Interested in how it can help your website gain visibility? Get in touch today.

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