Over the Spoon




Our brief

As the client was in the process of rebranding themselves from ‘Freaks of Nature’ to ‘Over the Spoon’ they wanted a new website that would display the new branding in an attractive and user friendly way, while prioritising visual impact. 

Our brief was to create a site that would provide an online presence for Over the Spoon, where customers could find product information and stockists.

It was also important that the site acted as a platform to showcase Over the Spoon’s products, and convey their high quality. 

User experience was a priority for the site – to ensure that the information was clear and digestible. As the products were not going to be for sale on the site, there needed to be enough visual and informative content to encourage customers to purchase the product in stores.


Tight deadline Website launch had to match up with launch date for the new brand in shops
Unavailable for purchase online Making products attractive on the website to encourage instore purchases
Working within brand guidelines Client created their own branding which had to be incorporated into the development
Highlighting new brand Difficult to do as it was an entirely new brand

What we delivered

We delivered a site with a strong visual impact, inline with Over the Spoon’s brand guidelines.

The site perfectly showcases the fun personality behind Over the Spoon and their products, while simultaneously conveying the high quality of the desserts.

Nutritional information was displayed in an interactive chart, allowing customers to change between ‘per serving’ and 100g information. This encouraged interaction with the page whilst displaying the information in an attractive way. 


desktop device

Under the hood

  • WordPress
  • Product Listings
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Instagram Feed

Behind the scenes

We implemented Google Analytics, to enable the client to track customer behaviour on the site, this was beneficial as it allowed the client to effectively monitor product interest in comparison to sales, with this information then utilised to review stock levels in stores. 

We also added an Instagram feed to the site, this was important for Over the Spoon as they have amassed a large following on Instagram, and wanted to showcase their grid on the site.



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Channels and integrations

Results and benefits

Created greater online presence In line with new branding to create a platform for popular desserts
Qualification for who they are More context for the brand and a space for people to learn more about the brand
Completes user journey from socials Creates cohesion across all platforms, with live Instagram feed included on the site
Data capturing Identifies products people are interested in on the site to reference against sales

Need a similar solution?

Have you seen something in our Over The Spoon case study that you think might work for your business? Are you currently using an outdated platform and think that WordPress is the next step for you? Our expert team of web developers and designers are on hand to walk you through the process of choosing the right platform and design for you and your brand.

Alongside their fantastic new site, Over The Spoon has seen a fantastic uptake in sales thanks to the hard work of our Social Media team. Pairing the new site with engaging and interactive content helps to boost that all-important visibility and creates a great brand voice. Interested in including Social Media as part of your marketing campaign? Speak to our experts today.

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