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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful resource and in recent years, it has become a vital part of digital marketing strategies.

While social media marketing is such a vital method to connect t with customers and clients, it can also be time-consuming to not only post regular engaging posts but also interact with the engagement that they receive. Working with a professional and dedicated social media team allows them to create focused strategies to build a social presence. Social media can help to build online communities in which to discuss your products and services to cement customer loyalty

Whatever you’re up to or whatever it is that you want to promote, we can help you to spread the word by providing you with tailored social media marketing across a range of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Reaching new audiences

Social media usage has reached an incredible 2.8 billion users globally. What’s more, 91% of social media users access social platforms from mobile devices. This means that now more than ever, content needs to be compatible with mobile devices, not to mention eye-catching enough to be seen when potential customers are on an endless scroll of their mobile.

As social media marketing continues to grow in popularity, it is important that your business keeps up with the trend to stay relevant. By combining creative flair, knowledge of the latest trends and news, and an in-depth understanding of marketing and communications, we can help your business to establish and expand its online presence. This not only helps to increase your brand awareness, but it can also positively impact your conversion rates, website traffic and enquiries, all key factors within search engine optimisation.

Examples of our logo design

Over the Spoon

A content managed site designed to highlight the rebrand of a leading plant based dessert company…

Beswicks Legal

A bespoke content managed site designed to highlight speciality & business law…

KDM events

An optimised content management system for an award winning events company…


A hybrid of Magento and a Bespoke platform, offering a global solution