Pay per click

Optimising the performance of search and social


Paid Media

Paid media advertising is the umbrella term for any media marketing, which requires payment for posting. This can include Pay-Per-Click (PPC), paid social media (such as post boosting and ads), display ads and retargeting ads. For many businesses, this can be a vital tool to increase brand awareness and thus revenue.

The effective use of paid media involves an intricate setup, where demographics are considered, with a cost-per-click factored in, in relation to the budget of a business. It then requires regular maintenance to assure that the best keywords are being focused on to suit both the needs of the business and the budget they have to offer.

With clients boasting an excellent ROI from Paid Media, the team at Netbiz have the knowledge and experience to increase your visibility, brand awareness and sales through the use of well managed paid media campaigns.