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eCommerce websites offer a business a secure opportunity to sell goods and services online, with online payment methods included. 87% of UK consumers have purchased online in the last 12 months. With this figure looking to increase in coming years as the digital era increases, it is ever important to move to an eCommerce platform for businesses who offer products and services which can be purchased virtually, allowing for an increase in sales.

In 2019, 693 Billion British Pounds were spent on online sales. With this figure increasing year on year, along with the reduction in the reliance on high street stores, an eCommerce platform helps to cement a business’s position in the marketplace. Combining an eCommerce platform, with dedicated managed hosting helps to ensure that your business is live 24/7, even when brick and mortar stores are closed.

eCommerce platforms

There is a range of eCommerce platforms available, the needs of your business will help to determine which is the most appropriate for you. One of our expert web developers will meet with you to discuss and understand the requirements of the business for the website. This will need to include the back end functionality in order to find the most suitable eCommerce solution to ultimately build an easy to manage, converting website.

Each eCommerce site built by Netbiz Group has been developed on the most appropriate platform for the needs of the business. This includes large scale multinational sites, built on a bespoke platform, and independent stores built to get a small business online in a hurry. No matter the scale of your business, we can match the right platform to you.

John Craddock

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Tailormade eCommerce that helped to increase online turnover by 30% year-on-year…


A hybrid of Magento and a Bespoke platform, offering a global solution


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