The Game Changer: 10% Brits use Smartphone for Shopping

- Mobile Responsive

10% of UK consumers use their smartphone as the main method of shopping, highlighting the huge opportunity for retailers, an international survey by Ipsos Public Affairs has discovered.

Significantly, over half of British consumers use their mobile whilst shopping, with a massive 22% using their mobile phone to make an actual purchase.

These figures are hugely important as they show how the UK consumer market is increasingly overtaking the European contingent in the m-commerce market, and crucially that businesses need to be using this information to ensure their website is responsive and functions across all devices.

 Arguably, this is the real game changer in retail as it demonstrates just how entrenched mobile phones, and indeed Smartphones, are in the consumer-consumption process, whether it is for browsing or, as the research shows, purchasing direct. Put simply, online retailers ought be optimising their websites and make it as attractive and user-friendly as possible…and let the sales and enquiries flow in.

However, research conducted in the EPiServer study adds a word of warning; 54% of UK consumers will leave a mobile site if they experience any difficulties. This can be attributed to the fact that today’s consumers are a problematic combination of being technically savvy, yet increasingly impatient. Consumers can be demanding in terms of functionality, as they expect mobile sites and apps to perform the same as on a desktop, and with a massive 28% of UK consumers turning to a competitor if they experienced any problems with a site, then it is an absolute priority for businesses to prepare their site for the continuing onslaught of the m-commerce revolution.

Businesses…you have been warned.

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