Web Design Trends, Can You Keep Up In 2022?

In 2022, we are in the midst of the digital era. Where the options for our brand’s online presence are limitless, and we find ourselves fighting to be the most memorable and user-friendly site in our industry.
There are a number of trends that have been seen so far in 2022. These trends are currently dictating the future for a number of brand’s websites, with many of them increasing the UX (user-experience) of the site. Here are just a few to consider for your new web design.

Scrolling Patterns

A typical website, whether accessed on a mobile device or a desktop, scrolls vertically. However, the most recent trend sees many websites favouring horizontal scrolling.
Horizontal scrolling allows for websites to be read like books, as though the scroll turns a page, and inserting some animations to this can increase that feel. Alongside using the animations to depict a change in content.
For the larger sites, engineered floors can be created by the use of horizontal and vertical scrolling. This is whereby the user can scroll vertically to see segments of the website, and horizontally to read more on each.

Dark Mode For UX

In 2021 81.9% of people using mobile devices use dark mode. Of these, 64.6% expect a site to automatically apply dark mode.
While many users will already be using their systems operating software to display sites in dark mode, many sites have not been optimised for this. Unfortunately this means that sites are distorted and may display incorrectly, leaving the user with a less than perfect experience.
Having dark mode in mind when your website is designed allows for you to depict how it will appear to users, rather than allowing their operating system to distort it. With this trend increasing, make sure that your site is on top of the game.
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Typographic Hero Imagery

If, like many of our team, you have had enough of seeing hero images (the image banner behind your page heading) that make the heading unreadable, you will love this trend. This trend is seeing busy hero images swapped out for simple designs.
From block colouring to subtle gradients or basic shapes and patterns this trend allows your headings to be easily read, not only by search engine bots, but also by your users and potential customers.

Blank Space

While dark mode certainly is something to consider on your design, so is white space. So we are tagging this more as blank space than white space.
Blank space on your site allows your content to breathe. It means that your users are not bombarded with text, images, colours and too much content. It allows you to dictate where the users focus falls, and guide them through the process more than busier websites.


Brutalism saw an emergence onto the scene of web design back in 2014, where its unstyled HTML design and plain backgrounds saw sites that resembled the early stages of the internet. In 2022 brutalism designs have resurfaced. However, they are now featuring a minimalist twist. Combining the traditional brutalist appearance and the above-mentioned blank space offers users a simple, yet effective site to navigate their way around.
eCommerce solutions use this style as a way of focussing your customer’s attention solely on the product, rather than the surrounding page. A perfect way to guide your customers through the site and towards the final goal of a sale.

Light Animation

Animation on websites has been a trend for a number of years. We have seen it across so many sites, and for many it really does work. However, the concern with heavy animation is that it can slow down the loading speed of a site.
With 40% of users leaving a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load heavy animation use will see you losing more customers than it draws. However, lighter animations – such as those found on the Netbiz site – take little to no load time, offering you a quicker loading time.

Is It Worth Keeping Up?

With trends in the web industry ever-changing, short of having a new site every 12 months, there is little you can do to keep up. However, when it comes to having a new site, we will look at all the upcoming trends with you. Working closely with you and our graphic designers our web design agency can help to turn these into the best website design for the time.
Having your site built by our team of expert web developers will allow us to manage and integrate new trends to the site as and when possible.
If you would like to discuss your web design in Stoke on Trent, our team of experts would love to hear from you. Get in touch today and we will find the perfect solution to keep you ahead of the trend.

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