SEO Audits – A Useful Tool

Whether you have a new website or are looking to improve your current rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), an SEO audit is the right place to start. An audit can show all the aspects of the site that are considered positive and negative in the world of SEO. Here’s just an insight into this fantastic audit.

SEO Audits

If you are already considering investing in SEO for your website, you might be wondering “well, why do I need an audit?” And if you aren’t already looking at SEO, you might be thinking “well why do I need SEO or even an audit?”.
An audit allows us to view anything on the site that might currently be working against your rankings, and offer up solutions as to how to get your site ranking better on search engines.
As SEO is more than just what you can physically see on a site, between on-page and off-page SEO there is also technical. Each of which can be divided into a number of further points to make up the SEO audit.

On-Page, Off-Page And Technical

Breaking our audit down into on-page, off-page and technical SEO might make a little more sense when it comes to creating an SEO strategy.
On-page SEO encompasses everything that can be done to improve your own website for SEO. This can include content, metadata, images and a whole host of other ranking factors that Google crawlers pick up on.
Off-page SEO incorporates everything that benefits you, away from your own website. Starting with the backlinks to your site, it also includes social media reputation and your authority score. While tasks can be undertaken on your own site to improve this, it relies on external factors too.
Technical SEO looks more into the development side of your website and includes everything from site health, to site speed and beyond. This improves the crawlability of your site, without being focused on the content alone.


One of the largest Google algorithm updates, back in 2018, focused on the adaptability of the site. This includes how mobile-friendly the site is. With over 60% of Google searches being performed on a mobile device, it is vital that your site is mobile-friendly.
Including this inspection in the SEO audit allows for this to be taken into consideration as part of a long-term SEO campaign. At our web agency in Staffordshire, we work towards a mobile-first approach to our web design, however, older sites may not have incorporated this feature.
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Site Speed

The average user waits just 3 seconds for a site to load. This means if your site takes longer than 5 seconds, the chances are that you have just lost potential customers. However, Google will already have taken the speed of your site into account when displaying it in the SERPs. Meaning that the longer your site takes to load, the lower down in the rankings it will appear.
As Google’s primary aim is to deliver the best and most appropriate results to the users first and foremost, a slow loading speed will jeopardise your chance of being on top, as Google’s algorithm will know that it has a higher chance of people clicking straight back into the search.
If you are unsure as to how your site currently performs, Google has their own PageSpeed Insights checker that is free to use.

Competitor Analysis

While competitor analysis might not be the most apparent factor when it comes to your own SEO campaign, it is a vital piece of information that you, or we, can use to boost rankings.
This element of the audit includes taking a look at what your competitors are currently ranking for. Remember this might not be what they are looking to rank for, simply what they are currently ranking for. This allows us to consider where your site currently is in comparison for some of your desired keywords.
For those competitors who are already hitting the sweet spot of number one in the SERPs, the audit can look at what they have done, in comparison to your site and investigate how we can do things differently to improve your site and take over those rankings.

E.A.T Analysis

The EAT analysis looks at the Expertise, Authority and Trust that your site currently offers to users. Search engines need to consider a website worthy enough to display higher in the SERPs, which means that your site needs to display those key factors.
Improving your EAT analysis can be as simple as creating high-quality content that displays your knowledge of your product or service. Speak to our content marketers to see how you can improve this.

Not A Simple Checklist

Our SEO audits feature over 100 different inspection points. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that we take a deeper look into your website than we have listed here.
From taking a look at your current search results to your website design, our SEO audit can be the difference between a successful digital marketing campaign and a stagnant campaign.

Free SEO Audit From Netbiz

Here at Netbiz group, we want to get clients off on the right foot. Whether our expert web developers have built your site, or we are just taking over your search engine optimisation as part of your digital marketing strategy, our free SEO audit offers a great starting point.
Once we know where you are, we can start to develop an SEO strategy that will improve your customer journey and boost your sales.
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