In celebration of International Women's Day, meet the fantastic women of Netbiz Group...


Each year, International Women’s Day encourages us to celebrate the achievements of the wonderful women around us, and also recognise the factors that affect women around the world.

Here at Netbiz Group, we’re extremely proud of the talented, accomplished, and all-around fabulous women in our team!

As the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’, we’re striking the #ChooseToChallenge pose to show that we’re in, and committed to raising awareness for women’s issues, and supporting positive change for women across the UK and beyond.

To mark the occasion, we challenged the women of Netbiz to shout about, and be proud of some of their biggest achievements!


So, without further ado, lets meet the brilliant women of Netbiz Group…


Susan Erlam, Account Manager

My biggest achievement is playing my part in the success of Netbiz Group, and I’m proud of being a mentally strong, driven and determined woman.


Nina Jepson, Financial Controller 

I think to me, my biggest achievement is having to move everything online- and still pass 3 CIMA exams during a pandemic!

Something that I’m proud of myself for is staying positive during this year’s lockdowns and remembering that it will pass.


Sophie Hibberd, Web, UX & Graphic Designer

My biggest achievement is graduating with a 1st class degree in Media and Communications, and I’m proud of myself for surviving the past year!


Jessica Oliver, Brand Manager

My biggest achievement is graduating twice! Achieving a first class honours degree in Business Management and a distinction level Master’s degree in Luxury Brand Management.

I’m proud of myself for always working hard and being determined to get my dream job – which I now have!



Sarah Smith, Marketing Assistant 

My biggest achievement (so far!) is finishing two degrees by the age of 23- a Bachelor’s in Politics and a Master’s in Journalism!

I’m proud of myself for always striving to give things 100%- even when things don’t work out the way I hope, I know I can always give myself an A for effort!


Debra Fuller, Account Manager

My biggest achievement is that I have always managed to be successful in my career- since I began in sales many years ago I have overachieved in most jobs that I have done.

Something I’m proud of is my ability to motivate myself in my fitness regime, even in lockdown I always do 4 online classes a week!



Rhiannon Ellis, Digital Marketer

My biggest achievement is finishing my degree despite a rocky start, and I am proud of myself for conquering my fears!


Jade Wright, Account Manager

My biggest achievement is being responsible for a re-brand and launch of an international sports travel company in Ireland. I covered all aspects of the marketing mix. To see the final project come to life though the streets of Dublin was something I’ll always be proud of!

I was never particularly good at school, I always worked hard, but struggled to get the grades. I was in the bottom set for most subjects. Fast forward 20 years and I have built up a career in Marketing and have done some incredible things along the way. Things might not always look good on paper, but I am a firm believer in if you work hard, you reap the rewards!


Anjali Raghuwanshi, Graphic Designer

My biggest achievement is my personal Instagram page. I started it as a hobby, however, as a result of my passion towards creating content illustrations, the page has now organically grown to a good number of people with a lot of appreciation and support.

I’m proud of myself for acquiring international exposure through constant determination. I hail from India and studied in Europe and now I’m currently living & working in UK! I’m very proud of my journey.


Charlotte McIntyre, Digital Marketer

My biggest achievement to date has been making a complete U-turn in my career a few years ago, and pursuing copywriting/digital marketing. It is also the thing I am most proud of! For a long time I didn’t know what I was destined to do, but when I discovered that my talent for writing, among my other skills, could be put to good use in this sector everything just clicked into place.

I am so proud of myself for taking the plunge, even though it was scary and unknown. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am today and feel how I do about my job and my work.


Bethany Callbutt, Digital Marketing Manager

My biggest achievement is that in 4 years I’ve successfully grown the SEO department- increasing the team from just 2 people to 5. This increase is a result of winning new contracts and delivering great results. I’m hugely proud of the team at Netbiz and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

 Within 1 week of graduating from Keele University I started my career at Netbiz as a Junior SEO Copywriter. When I first attended the interview I had very little knowledge of SEO with copywriting being my stronger skill. Feeling anxious, I purchased a beginners guide to Search Engine Optimisation on the same day and proceeded to teach myself outside of working hours. Now I have an in-depth understanding of both technical and content based SEO and I head up creating strategies which deliver meaningful results for a wide range of clients. I’m immensely proud of where I am today as it’s a reflection of hours of dedication and hard work – I do however acknowledge that I’m by no means finished! The world of SEO is always changing so even today I still continue to read up on the latest industry news and trends. I’m also very lucky to work with such a talented team that continues to support me each day!


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