NetBiz Group Partner With Government Funded Growth Vouchers

- Growth Voucher

With only 6 weeks left to apply for your Growth Voucher to help enhance the success of your business, you would be mad not to jump at the chance!

The government is offering a match funding of up to £2000 (which would give you a total of £4000) on professional advice that will help you to improve your company, effectively providing you with the tools to progress commercially.

Netbiz Group are an official partner of the Growth Voucher Scheme, which means that once you’ve acquired a voucher, we can offer you the advice you need to improve your online presence and help build your customer base.
The ins and outs:

You can apply for a voucher of any amount up to £2000, depending on your requirements.

There are five types of advice that your voucher can be used for, and you can choose to invest in one or a mixture of these:
• Assistance with the financial and cash flow aspects of your business.
• Advice on the recruitment, management and training of employees.
• Help with improving key leadership and management skills within your business.
• The marketing – digital or otherwise – of your business, helping you to gain customers and build long standing relationships with the customers you do gain.
• Help with utilising the latest in digital technology to progress your business.
There are a number of criteria you need to meet in order to qualify for a Growth Voucher, but filling out an online survey will easily determine your eligibility. As a guideline, if you agree with the following statements you should apply for a government Growth Voucher for a potential £2000 funding match in support:

1. My business actively sells goods and/or services.
2. I own at least 75% of my business.
3. I have less than 250 employees and turnover less than £45million.
4. I want to improve the success of my business.

It’s a no brainer! As a partner of the Growth Voucher scheme, Netbiz Group can offer advice in marketing, attracting and keeping customers, and making the most of digital technology.

Contact us today to take advantage of the Growth Voucher scheme – applying is quick and easy but we’re more than happy to guide you through the process. You only have a few weeks left to apply so don’t miss out on an opportunity that could give you an incredible return on investment.

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