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The busy autumn/winter period is upon us once more….is your business ready? More importantly, is your website?

Just because your customers are more active throughout this season, being away from the office, going to events, Xmas parties and so on, it does not mean you have to lose touch with them, or lose out on sales.

In today’s chaotic, post-modern world, consumers feel the need to have to keep in touch on a constant basis wherever they go, which means that they need websites to be able to function away from the desktop, and to be more compatible with the increasing number of IPads, IPhones and other smart phones.  More demanding than ever, consumers expect a better experience and service from their product and for their money, and quite frankly, why shouldn’t they?

With more people than ever browsing, making enquiries and purchasing through these devices, it is imperative that a site is not just ‘shrunk to fit,’ a one-size-fits-all website. Responsive sites should move fluidly, and bring clear and consistent access, coverage, emails and functionality to the users. Brands and companies do realise this need to be mobile, but many are not choosing, or perhaps realising the importance, of being responsive also.

There is a very limited timeframe in which to encapsulate our consuming society’s eye and imagination; images have to be vivid, marketing messages to be crystal clear. We have become weary and almost wary of the barrage of advertising we see on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. For a website to be responsive means it is capable of being allowed just a glimpse of our consumer’s time. There are too many choices for us nowadays; if we can’t access a site for a certain product or service due to a technical hitch, then brand loyalty can fly out the window and we become new BFFs with a brand that is accessible.

We want everything, and we want it now is a mantra that is repeated the world over; technology can give it to us- but are the companies lagging behind??

There is a word of warning in this tale however; depending on your organisation, your customers and your overall marketing campaign don’t be responsive just for the sake of it! Crucial to marketing and business in general, is to know your customers, listen and understand them.  Any new technology or latest web development should always be carefully considered and used in balance, conjunction, or not all, if it does not compliment the already established marketing channels.

If you agree/disagree, want to leave any comments, or if you just want to know how Netbiz Group can help your business with responsive deigns, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Roo Oxley, Marketing Manager,


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