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There are a number of eCommerce platforms available for websites to be constructed on. With WooCommerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento) and even bespoke platforms, deliberating on the most appropriate platform has become a battle between functionality, design and back-end usability. OpenCart offers an eCommerce solution that offers flexible design, including bespoke designs, while incorporating intuitive eCommerce front-end functionality and back-end reporting.


Amongst Adobe commerce and WooCommerce, OpenCart is one of the largest open-source eCommerce platforms currently available, with over 451,456 live sites. One of the largest appeals of OpenCart is a user-friendly admin panel allows the site to be easily updated by any member of an admin team when content or products require alterations.
As an eCommerce platform, OpenCart offers brands a number of features that can help to increase reputation and sales. These features offer not only easy functionality for admin, but also increased UX for customers and as such, higher conversion rates.
Admin panel – The admin panel is not only easy to navigate but also features a snapshot of the latest sales figures and recent orders.
Customisable – The platform features more than 13,000 modules and themes to customise a site. Not to mention the ability to incorporate a completely bespoke web design from the team at Netbiz.
Integrations – Increasing available functionality, OpenCart has the ability to have integrations incorporated. These can be both prebuilt and bespoke to suit the brand’s requirements.
Multilingual – For international sites, OpenCart offers the ability to have a multilingual site.
Payment Gateways – Around 50% of customers will leave a site if their preferred payment method isn’t available. Opencart allows the ability for multiple options to be added.
Optimisable – The platform offers the ability for SEO, which helps to boost the site’s traffic through search engine results.
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OpenCart Integrations

While a number of businesses can have a successful eCommerce business on a standard OpenCart website, others might require additional software development. This additional software can be to make the business run smoother, offer additional UX features, or offer business management solutions.
Through the use of integrations, OpenCart has the facility to expand beyond its basic borders to create an intuitive eCommerce solution for brands.
Within OpenCart itself, there are integrations available to incorporate a number of payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay and Opayo (formerly Sage Pay). You can also incorporate MailChimp, allowing you to automate email marketing, and delivery services to generate a seamless process.
Aside from prebuilt integrations, our expert developers can create custom integrations that allow for your eCommerce store to link directly to suppliers. Consider product and price updates, these APIs can update your website as and when a supplier updates theirs, allowing your stock and prices to always be accurate.
By incorporating a number of integrations into your website it can become increasingly intuitive, and when compatible applications work together it increases the level of automation. This in turn can remove some of the onus from busy individuals within the company.

OpenCart 4.0

Back in May 2022, we saw the release of the long-awaited OpenCart 4.0. With a number of updates that had been successfully beta-tested across various versions of OpenCart 3.
The latest version has seen the return of the CKeditor that was used in the original version, alongside the introduction of a number of user-friendly features.
Read more about OpenCart 4.0 in our June blog: The Evolution of OpenCart To Version 4.0.

OpenCart With Netbiz

If you are looking for OpenCart Developers, the experts at Netbiz have a wealth of OpenCart experience in order to get your website development project off the ground. From the web design stage, through the build of the base website, the addition of pre-created APIs and the creation of bespoke APIs the team can work closely with your brand to ensure that the finished OpenCart website offers users the perfect website experience.

Bespoke Solutions

While OpenCart is one of the most adaptive eCommerce platforms, a number of businesses require something that has been built specifically to suit their requirements. From content-managed eCommerce solutions to a complete website design with user experience in mind.
Our web development agency has the expertise for both design and development of a completely bespoke solution. To learn more about what we can offer you, get in touch with our team today who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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