The Evolution Of Opencart To Version 4.0

In May 2022 we saw the release of Opencart 4.0. Since then we have been trialling techniques and customising plugins from Opencart 3.0 to find all the quirks and new benefits of the updated platform. So what’s changed for version 4.0?

A Time For Evolution

Opencart 4.0 has taken an approach of evolution rather than revolution. We are not seeing drastic changes in functionality or appearance, the system’s dashboard is very similar to what our developers have been used to building onto since the release of Opencart 3.0 back in 2017.
With even the smallest changes, it is already clear that the update is focused on improving the admin panel’s functionality and improving usability with quality of life changes.

The Notable Changes

While changes overall may have been subtle, there are some notable improvements. We’ve already seen a lot of the new functionality and improvements in beta tests since the initial launch of Opencart 3.0. Some will be more familiar than others with ease of use lessons being taken from larger drag and drop systems. These have now been fully implemented in this latest update, including:

Rename of Admin Directory

Opencart has introduced a security notification whereby you have to rename your new admin. While there is still limited information on what the security concern was, we appreciate that there has been additional support introduced.

Return of CKeditor

CKeditor, previously known as the FCKeditor is a form of WYSIWYG editor that was last seen in the original version of Opencart. However, in 2.0 and 3.0 this was swapped out to the Summer Note text editor. With many users disliking this editor, we are glad to see the CKeditor back for the latest update.

Dedicated Extension Folder

Previous versions have seen all 3rd party extensions sitting in the Opencart core folder. In Opencart 4.0 these are not nicely compiled into one dedicated extension folder. For websites that have a higher number of plugins and extensions, this will have been the most noticeable update.

Checkboxes and Radio Toggle Buttons

The feedback that Opencart received saw that many users had difficulty viewing the checkboxes in the back end due to flashy UI. Having taken this on board, Opencart has remodelled these to now utilise toggles.
Alongside this, we now have a different view in the store settings. The introduction of a collapsible view will help users to navigate and configure settings quicker and easier.


In order to comply with EU regulations, the website must take consent from its users. Opencart 4.0 has incorporated this into the platform.

Product Variants

This latest version now has the option to create a new product variant off the back of a master product. This includes the ability to link the stock quantities. Users will also have the option to use the master product information or to create product-specific information for the variant. This will have a significant improvement on those that have larger eCommerce sites.

Cron Jobs

With the introduction of Cron Manager, users now have the ability to utilise more than one cron job at a time by instructing it within the cron manager. This helps to bypass hosting providers that only allow for one cron job command.

Opencart Development

As an Opencart agency, the onus is on us as the development experts to flex and challenge the platform to perform at the best possible level with business-specific functionality.
A combination of web design and development allows for Opencart 4.0 to be moulded to suit not only the brand but also the target audience. With structured information architecture and the incorporation of design elements, our Opencart developers can create a user-friendly eCommerce solution for your brand.

Opencart Design

While the latest update has seen very little impact in terms of the front-end web design, the platform as a whole has the ability to be modified to represent your brand. With the use of graphic design Opencart 4.0 has the ability to have a mobile responsive design incorporated into your eCommerce website, not to mention bespoke web design.

If you are looking to meet one of our Opencart developers ready to discuss your next big project, get in touch with a member of our team today and we will help you to get the Opencart eCommerce site that your brand deserves.

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