Instagram – A Powerful Brand Refresh

When a brand is starting to look outdated, we often see a mass overhaul of the brand image. With drastic changes that are directly in the face of the consumer. However, Instagram has been the master in the art of subtle brand refreshing. Have you noticed the changes?

Instagrams Subtle Changes

While the social platform underwent a major rebrand back in 2016 changing from its original brown camera logo to the more chic and colourful logo that we have all come to know and love. So when it comes to the 2022 update, why have they chosen a more subtle refresh?
The key here is brand awareness. Instagram already has an incredible 30.6 million users, meaning that there is already a high level of brand awareness, and a complete overhaul is unnecessary. We’re talking more evolution, not revolution.
For the logo refresh, they have opted for a simple colour update, where the main focus has been on brightening the existing colours. These brighter colours coincide with the advances in technology, with smartphone screens now offering higher resolution, with those mobile apps whose logos pop are more noticeable.
Aside from the logo, they have refreshed their font with newly created “Instagram Sans”. For some, the differences are small, for others, they are embracing the new eye-catching and modern font that will now feature across the platform.

Importance Of Rebranding

On average, a brand undergoes some level of rebrand every 7 to 10 years, whether this is minor refreshes or a full-scale rebrand. The primary reason for this is that the brand is becoming outdated, such as the colours in the Instagram logo. This even applies to large and iconic brands such as coca-cola, whose latest rebrand in 2021 left customers divided.
While a brand can become well known for its current appearance, there will always be the requirement to bring in new customers, which a redesign can attract. A rebrand can help to capture the eyes of a newer audience, or even, such as in the case of diet coke, a younger audience.
Over the years, your brand may have started to venture down another path, perhaps with the invention of new technology, or the change in consumer behaviours. A rebrand can help to display the changes in the brand to a wider audience. Such as Kia’s latest rebrand, drawing attention to their branching out into electric and hybrid vehicles.
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Netbiz Rebrand

Even as a digital agency, here at Netbiz we cannot escape the requirements of a rebrand. Over the past two years, we have undergone several changes that have been a part of our rebranding efforts, with our latest being our new website launched back in April 2022.
We have opted to undergo a slow rollout of our rebranding to help our clients know that we are still the same reliable company that has offered award-winning digital strategies and design projects for the last 18 years.
Our new logo incorporates the 5 colours of our departments, build, brand, host, optimise and market. While keeping it simple and recognisable.
The new website has taken web design and development to a higher level, offering a completely new user experience to our customers. From a convoluted and outdated website with countless rabbit holes, to a nice clean site that our digital marketing agency deserves.
Our offices have also been included in the rebrand, with our brand colours visible throughout our bright and spacious office. Why not call in for a chat and have a look around for yourself?

Your Rebrand

A rebrand offers your business the chance to reinvent itself. Maybe not with your products or services, but certainly with your brand image.
Head yourself in the right direction and allow the experts at our full-service web design agency to guide you through your rebranding process. From creating new brand guidelines to a bespoke website design, branded assets for your social media and helping you to build a new digital marketing strategy, we even have a team of graphic designers to help create you a brand new logo.

Rebranding And Web Development

A complete rebrand for your website isn’t all about the design, it also includes the functionality of the site. While your design will draw customers’ eyes to the perfect place on a page, if the functionality isn’t there to do what they expect to be able to do, it becomes irrelevant.
A completely new website project can see your rebranding greeting customers with increased functionality. Consider new payment gateways, API integrations to link your eCommerce site to your suppliers, or include case studies to bolster your reputation.

Rebranding And SEO

While you may not have considered search engine optimisation as an integral part of rebranding, it is important to consider it as part of your content marketing. With 74% of people becoming loyal to a brand through their content and companies with blogs or a latest news section increasing their leads by as many as 67% per month.
This means that incorporating an SEO strategy into your rebrand can increase your visibility to a wider audience.

If you are considering a rebranding, are you going as simple as Instagram, with some subtle changes, are you following our lead with a staggered rollout, or will you be considering a complete, all-in-one rebrand? Get in touch with the team here at Netbiz to discuss your next steps.

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