Using Emojis as a Marketing Tool on Social Media

It’s the 17th of July, which means it’s #WorldEmojiDay and a year since we at Netbiz Group last gave you tips on how the little faces, shapes and more that are taking over the world can help reflect your brand identity on social media and reach the wider online community.

We first started our love affair with emojis whilst sending and receiving text messages, before they migrated over to social media and even email communications.

There are over 6 billion emojis sent each and every day, and they are considered the fastest growing language in British history.

That’s exactly why brands have started to integrate them into their marketing messages.

Key Information Surrounding Emoji Trends on Social Media & Messagers

Emojis are used by 92% of the world’s online population – and allow people who might not even speak the same language to communicate through the visual medium.

Interestingly, over half of the messages sent by a heavy mobile messaging user include an emoji – at 56%.

Dependent on the tone of voice you’re interested in exuding, there’s a few key areas you’d want to use emojis in on social media: your bio, your call to actions and your comments.

These can be used to highlight keywords, engage with a call to action, or make your comments stand out and get noticed.

According to a measurement of engagement recently, the “love heart” emoji performs the best across the board on Instagram and Twitter, averaging more than 120,000 likes and comments per post than the others. Other hard-hitters include the “sparkles” emoji and the “artist palette”.

And whilst it’s a foreign language to a lot of people, those who your brand or business might want to connect with could be fluent in emoji – meaning the knowledge, finding a balance and avoidance of alienating current followers are all important things to consider.

Learn to Speak Emoji on Social Media, or We Can Speak it For You

Interestingly, emojis can increase Facebook, Instagram and Twitter engagement by up to three times – often replacing slang on these platforms.

If you’d like to find out more about how the world of emojis could open you up to a whole new world of consumers, or how we at Netbiz Group can use them to help your business grow online, please get in touch.