Master the Art of Emojis with Our Social Media Marketing Tips

Monday 17th July marks #WorldEmojiDay and just like hashtags, emojis are definitely here to stay! As any digital agency knows, and indeed any social media user for that matter, tone of voice doesn’t always translate well via email, tweets, or Facebook updates, with the use of an emoji however you can open up a whole world of emotion which really helps you to connect with your wider target audience. As a result of this, the fun little symbols can be seen literally everywhere. In fact, in 2015 the Oxford Dictionaries named? as its Word of the Year and according to a recent report by the Emogi Research Team, 92% of social media users use emojis regularly.

For any business owner, this means that to really connect with your wider target audience, you need to fully understand how the fun little symbols can enhance your social media marketing strategies – this is where Netbiz Group comes in! As a leading digital agency, we have a team of social media gurus on hand who can help you to really get the most out of your social media strategies, whether it’s through choosing us to manage your campaigns or through providing you with some handy tips!

Emojis & Social Media Marketing -They’re More Than Just Pretty Faces!

In a recent study, emojis included in Tweets were shown to increase engagements by 25.4 per cent whilst featuring emojis in Facebook updates were shown to increase comments and shares by 33 per cent. Clearly, emojis are more than just pretty graphics – when combined with engaging content, they have the potential to really help you to target, communicate with and relate to your wider target audience. So, to help you to get the most out of your social media marketing strategies, we’ve put together a few pointers to ensure that you’re working in the right direction!

  1. Don’t overcomplicate matters!
    Whilst emojis are fun, the overall point of an emoji is to communicate a message or feeling quickly. If you’re happy about something, one emoji will do – you don’t want to go spam your followers and you also don’t want to waste valuable characters!
  2. Reflect your brand identity
    Sharing emojis that conflict with your own brand identity can be problematic. If you’re a serious business with a far-reaching reputation which reflects that, you don’t want to start posting silly emojis. Therefore, we believe that it’s important to find the right balance when using emojis to ensure that you don’t alienate your existing followers.
  3. Understand what emojis mean in the wider online community…
    Finally, it’s important to truly understand what emojis mean in the wider community – after all, nobody wants to find themselves in an embarrassing situation! Once you do understand this, you can really focus on getting creative with your posts!

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