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WordPress has been considered one of the most user-friendly platforms for businesses. Its content management system (CMS) needs little to no training, with most users able to navigate without any prior training. So what happens when you want to turn your CMS site into an eCommerce site?


Many eCommerce sites in the UK previously sat on alternative platforms such as OpenCart and Magento. And while WooCommerce emerged in 2011, it wasn’t until it was taken over by WordPress in 2015 that it became one of the most popular eCommerce platforms.
WooCommerce is an open-source extension that is available to add to a standard WordPress site, turning it into a user-friendly eCommerce site. For many businesses, particularly smaller or start-up businesses, having a user-friendly platform allows them to make updates to products as and when they require, with very little to no training. This allows users to keep their site up-to-date and relevant.

eCommerce Made Easy

WooCommerce allows businesses to turn their existing WordPress website into an online sales portal, making selling online a simple business. This platform benefits from the ability to have bespoke themes integrated into it, and encompasses auto-updates, keeping the site running with the latest functionality.
As with all WordPress sites, WooCommerce still allows for third-party integrations to be included, both as a plug-in and bespoke integration to make the most of your site.

eCommerce From Netbiz

Creating a WooCommerce site with Netbiz has never been easier. Whether you currently have a WordPress website or are looking to have one built for your business, our team of expert developers and web designers are on hand to create the perfect site for you.
The team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the finished site is exactly what you are looking for and you understand all the functionality that WordPress and WooCommerce have to offer.


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