What is Pinterest and How Could it Work for you?

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest describes itself as ‘a visual discovery engine’. Put simply, Pinterest is laid out like a digital pinboard, a user can create multiple pinboards based around particular interests or topics and ‘pin’ other users’ content to their boards. 

So, what is a pin? Simply put, a pin is just like a bookmark that people use to save images and content that they love! 

As well as creating their own boards, users can also create their own pins and share pins that they think will be of interest to other users. Users can also decide whether to make their boards visible to other users or not, so, if for example, a board is dedicated to planning a surprise or gift for someone, the user can keep it private and only visible to themselves. 

Pinterest now has almost 500 million active users, making it the 14th most popular social network in the world- coming in ahead of Twitter, which was ranked 16th as of January 2021!  

So, if you’ve never considered including Pinterest in your business’s digital marketing strategy, now is the time to change that…

Drive Traffic and Conversions 

Pinterest is a fantastic, often untapped, resource for a business to showcase its products and services. It’s also a go-to platform to drive traffic and conversions through a business’ website. 

Research has found that Pinterest actually drives almost 4x as many sales as other popular social media platforms, and nearly 90% of regular Pinterest users have admitted to buying something that they found on Pinterest. So, Pinterest is a fantastic tool for attracting the attention of your target consumers and converting them, when compared to other platforms!  

Links to websites can be included when pins are created, so it’s simple for other Pinterest users to find out more about the product or service that has caught their eye in a pin, and ultimately, to make a purchase. 

Get to know your audience 

Pinterest is a great platform for getting to know your audience better- their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. By viewing the boards of users that pin your content, you can gain insight into their other interests and tastes.

Not to mention, keeping an eye on which pins are being saved more than others, could give you additional insight into which of your products or services are more or less popular than others, and what style of your business’ content is received the best by your audience. 

Pinterest is also a brilliant platform for industry and competitor research. Spending time on Pinterest will give you some insight into what’s popular in your industry, and whether there are any relevant current trends at your disposal. You can then use this information to position your own brand, products and offers, to ensure that you drive as many leads as possible with your pins. 

Boost your brand 

Want to grow your brand? Pinterest could be the perfect place. Your business’ content shouldn’t be purely sales-based, in fact, Pinterest provides an opportunity for you to really vary your content. 

Why not create some behind the scenes information about your business and how your product is produced, or put together some instructional videos about how to make the most of your product or service? Pinterest provides an opportunity for you to showcase your business and product in a fun and accessible way. In turn, this will help to form relationships between your brand and audience. 

This can be reinforced further with interaction between your business and your audience. When you see users repeatedly pin your business’ content, why not comment and thank them, or ask them how they’re getting on if they have recently purchased an item or used your service. This will allow you to build a community around your brand, which will boost your brand and increase the trust that your customers have in it. 

Tap into the potential of Pinterest for your business 

Despite being around for over a decade now, the growth of Pinterest shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, Pinterest gained over 100 million new active users in 2020 alone!

With such a significant growth in users over the last year, there’s never been a better time to harness the potential of Pinterest for your business!

If you’d like to learn more about Pinterest, and the world of social media marketing in general – speak to us! We can work alongside you to create a bespoke social media marketing campaign, designed with your business in mind…

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