Spring Clean your Social Media!

When it comes to your business’ social media, It’s important to take a step back now and again in order to evaluate what is and isn’t working. 

Social media continues to grow in popularity year after year, and it can offer untold opportunities for businesses to reach potential consumers. In order to tap into the potential of social media, it’s important that a business dedicates time and energy to its social media strategy, and works to stay relevant among its online audience. 

If your social media strategy is in need of an overhaul this spring- fear not! Our team of social media experts are here to divulge their top trade secrets for spring cleaning your platforms…

Update your platforms

It’s important that you regularly update your business’ social media platforms. Start by updating the profile images and cover photos used across your social media channels, if it’s been a while since you last changed them. 

It’s also important to ensure that the business details visible on your social media platforms are up to date and accurate. Complete any empty fields on your platforms, and double check that the information in all fields is correct; think up-to-date opening hours, a regularly monitored phone number and email address, and a link to your current website. People use social media to discover and qualify new businesses, so it’s important that your business’ platforms boast accurate, up to date information, about how potential new customers can find further details about your products, and enquire about your services. 

Ensure consistency 

If your business boats multiple social media platforms, it’s important that you maintain consistency across them, in order to ensure that your audience will recognise your brand on different platforms.  

Not only is it important to keep the images on your platforms up-to-date, you should also ensure that they reflect the most recent branding of your business. Your business’ name and logos should be consistent across all social media channels, and where possible you should also choose similar handles, to enable your audience to find your business easily on all of your platforms. Colours and imagery should also be consistent, not only across your profile and cover images, but also across any generic, branded images that you use for social media posts too. 

While certain forms of content are more appropriate for particular platforms, you should also attempt to maintain a consistent tone across your social media channels. So while you might share different kinds of content on your different social media platforms, you should maintain the same tone within all of your posts, in order to promote engagement with your audience across all of your platforms.  

Consider an audit 

Once in a while, it’s a good idea to consider conducting an audit across your business’ social media platforms. This isn’t as scary as it sounds- it simply involves taking some time to reflect on your social media strategy; what posts are doing well- and is there any content that isn’t performing as well?  Have you been focusing a lot of energy on one of your platforms, while neglecting another?  

This is also a great time to take a look at the social media profiles of some of your business’ main competitors. How often do they post? Is there any content in particular that gets a good reaction from their audience? What sort of content do they post, and is there any pattern behind how much of each type of content they post? 

Once you have collected this information, you can reflect on what type of content you should be focused on sharing on your platforms. 

Commit to posting regularly 

Now that you have your business’ social media platforms ship-shape, and have an idea of what sort of content you should focus on posting, it’s important to commit to posting regularly. 

You could consider creating a calendar for your social media content, which will help you to plan ahead and stick to your posting routine. With a calendar you can also plan which days you’ll post which types of content, to ensure that you maintain a good balance of content styles across your platforms. 

It’s important that you post engaging content regularly. By this, we simply mean to post high quality content as often as you can, and if there’s nothing interesting, engaging or relevant to talk about, don’t! 

Most businesses aim to post multiple times per week, as regular, creative content will keep your audience engaged with your business’ platforms. Not to mention, the more that you post on your social media channels, the better chance that your business will reach a wider audience through them. 

This is where we come in! We understand that it can be difficult to follow up interactions with your audience, and commit to sharing weekly updates. 

Here at Netbiz Group, we can develop creative and focused social media strategies tailored to your brand and business. If you want a fresh start for your business’ social media channels, get in touch today to chat to one of our friendly experts.