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Why Magento?

Prepare for simplicity, convenience and premium quality.

Our Magento developers work with this platform for its beneficial capabilities and user-friendly structure. Magento is recognised as one of the top eCommerce platforms and businesses that use Magento grow three times faster, on average.

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Magento's Benefits

Magento (now known as Adobe Commerce) is a (rather good) PHP eCommerce platform that allows for the creation of structured, bespoke online shopping sites.

Some benefits you should know about Magento:

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You're In The Right Place

Looking to invest in your first eCommerce site or upgrade your existing platform?

Magento offers a strong and trusted base for small and large (and everything in between) scale online sales and is currently used by over 239,000 live websites.

Because we, a Magento development agency, have years of experience working on the platform and on various types of sites, we understand the different versions Magento / Adobe Commerce offers and how each works.

We’ve got you covered.

Investing in an expert team with Magento experience can be the difference between an uninspiring and impractical website and a high-functioning, user-friendly one. This, along with a complete, bespoke web design, allows you to represent your brand as desired.

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Why Magento Is Right for You?

Magento helps you to utilise multiple innovative features to power your eCommerce store, from order processing to managing inventory. The platform’s detailed CRM system provides unparalleled control over your online business.

Enhance your online store with Magento.

In addition to Magento’s unique and well-structured functionality, the platform has a comprehensive Eco System. This system gives you worthwhile and exciting plug-ins and modules to connect additional technologies to your site.

The key to any Magento (or Adobe Commerce) site is performance, so in addition to the build itself, our web developers offer Magento-dedicated hosting solutions to support page load and ensure the user experience runs at a premium quality, always.

Why do you need our experts?

Magento has many benefits as an eCommerce platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most suitable choice for every business. On arrival, our web developers will complete an audit to investigate which platform is the most appropriate and effective for your brand.

Grab our team for your audit today.

Read Between The Facts

  • The UK has the second most Magento powered sites
  • Magento currently powers 1.2% of websites on the Internet
  • Magento (Adobe Commerce) is currently used by +239,000 live websites
  • In the top 1 million websites, 1.09% use Magento

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A hybrid of Magento and a Bespoke platform, offering a global solution