Abandoned Baskets & How To Avoid Them

An alarming 77% of baskets are abandoned at checkout. What’s putting people off and how can we convince them to complete the transaction? A number of techniques can be used to ensure that customers are more likely to follow a purchase through to payment, one of the biggest factors being trust.

Take Trip Advisor – its success is built upon the experiences of people portrayed in a truthful manner, and all reviews are checked to ensure that they’re 100% legitimate. People want to know if a restaurant/pub/hotel/event is worth their time and money before they invest in it, which is exactly the same as wanting a review of the quality of your products/service. We’re much more likely to buy something if somebody else bought it first, and liked it. It’s about being comforted, reassured and convinced that it’s worth the money.

How likely are you to buy a product without seeing a picture of it first? Without reading a description of it? Highly unlikely. These things add authenticity to a product, which is multiplied when genuine reviews are included.

If a potential customer can see that past customers are happy with the service or product you provide, they’re much more likely to invest in it themselves. Sound simple? It is, but it’s also time consuming. Build your customer relationships, gain honest and positive reviews and you’ll see an improvement in completed orders.

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