7 Reasons Why… Professional Copywriting

Does the quality and creativity of your competitors’ web copy stop you in your tracks and have you green with envy? 

Fear not! Our expert team has gone from writing website content to social media posts and even video scripts! So, it just shows how versatile having a professional team on your side can make your brand. 

Our team of copywriting masterminds are here to give their 7 reasons why your business should invest in professional copywriting services

Engage your Target Audience 

Professional copywriters are extremely skilled when it comes to creating content that is perfectly suited to a business’s target audience. A good copywriter will conduct in-depth research on your industry and competitors, to identify any keywords that your potential customers are searching for, and the trends that spark their interest. Consequently, good copywriting will bring more of the ‘right’ customers to your website and help to spread the word about your business among relevant audiences. 

Generate Organic Traffic 

When we talk about driving the ‘right’ customers to your website, we’re referring to organic traffic; people that visit your site from organic search engine results. This is important as people who visit a website organically are statistically far more likely to convert. A professionally written copy will help your business to appear higher in search engine results, and as a result, encourage a good flow of organic traffic to your website.

Produce Compelling Content

It can be difficult to write copy that gets your point across in an engaging way- this is where a professional comes in! A professional copywriter can create copy that highlights the benefits of your products or services, in an original and memorable way. A professionally written and engaging copy will not only help to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd, but it will also increase the memorability of your business, and the chances that visitors to your website will return, and even recommend it to other potential customers. 

Avoid Jargon 

If your business sits in a fairly niche industry, it can be difficult to create content that people without a background in your industry will engage with, particularly when you’re an expert in your field, and by default a bit ‘too close’ to the subject. A professional copywriter will create content that’s balanced, so that it properly highlights your products or services, without any off-putting jargon. This way, your copy can engage a wider, more diverse audience. 

Stamp-out Errors  

Time and again, research shows that people are less likely to ‘trust’, and therefore return to, or convert with, a website that features grammatical mistakes. In fact, research by Global Lingo found that 59% of respondents wouldn’t use a company whose website featured obvious grammatical errors. Copywriters are highly skilled in catching grammatical errors in the content before it reaches an audience. Utilising professional copywriting services will ensure that your web copy is flawless, and as such, protect your brand’s reputation. 

Create a Voice for your Brand 

Professional copywriters understand the importance of a brand’s voice. The voice used in your business’ web copy will affect the way that your audience views and understands your brand. The influence of a professional can be invaluable in creating a consistent voice for your brand, which will help to increase brand recognition, and build confidence and trust in your business.

Save Yourself Time 

Finally, researching and creating good content can be a time-consuming process, and we know that for business owners, time is extremely important. A professional copywriter is an expert in conducting thorough research and putting together fantastic copy. So, by hiring a professional copywriter you’ll gain fantastic web copy, and find that you have more free time to spend on other aspects of your business! 

Solid, professional copy is a necessity when it comes to ensuring that your business stands out in the contemporary, online marketplace. 

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