Trade Order Portals


opening the door to bespoke storefronts on your platform

Trade Order Portals allow for businesses to incorporate a private area to be accessed by trade professionals and other businesses, using a login, separate from the main website. This separate portal allows for information, products, services and offers to be accessed by only those with access, rather than displayed to all users.

Each Trade Order Portal is created bespoke to suit the individual requirements of the business. The portal can be developed as an eCommerce or a CMS to suit, with bespoke features such as forums and upload and download capabilities for users.

Within the portal, payments can be integrated to suit the business. Including standard payment gateways, arranged split payments and invoicing systems, rather than immediate payments. Alongside payments, the platform can allow for invoices and sales reports to be delivered to the businesses upon order confirmation.

In the back end of the portal, a separate analytics system can be integrated, providing key statistics, including sales, stock or user data, allowing for informed decision making.