The Importance of Employer Branding 

Employer branding refers to the defining elements and values behind a company; what sets you apart from your competitors? What does your company stand for? The main goal in employer branding is to align your values with the values of those people you’re looking to attract and retain within your organisation. 


Why is employer branding important?

A solid employer branding strategy can not only improve your reputation, and therefore your recruitment efforts, it can also improve the engagement, and therefore the retention of, your current employees! 

In the same way that a company’s corporate brand represents the market’s perception of a company in terms of what they can offer a customer (their products or services), a company’s employer brand represents the market’s perception of what a company has to offer to its employees. 

By working on your employer branding strategy you can set yourself apart from your competitors, and open your business up to a wider talent pool. 


How to improve your employer branding 

The first concept to consider when you’re overhauling your employer branding is that candidates are increasingly becoming more like customers, and it’s important to acknowledge this and act accordingly. 

With the internet at their disposal, job-seekers now have the ability to conduct more in-depth research into a company and the vacancy. This includes the company’s expectations and culture. Candidates can also easily find out the experiences of previous employees, which can be found on job sites such as Indeed, where current and previous employees can review a company.  

It can be helpful to imagine yourself in the position of a modern job seeker; what would they find when researching your company online? If you aren’t 100% happy with the impression of your company that you find, then it might be time to look at overhauling your company branding. 


Consistency is key 

A great place to start is in creating a consistent message and tone for your employer brand, along with consistent underlying values to form the basis of your company culture. Candidates should get a feel for exactly what they can expect as an employee of your company. 

The key is to carry this consistency across every touch-point so that a consistent company brand is presented through your business’ website, advertising, social media platforms, and right through to the interview process itself. 


Embrace online platforms

Social media platforms and online job sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor are fantastic tools for company branding. If your business hasn’t fully embraced these platforms yet, now is the time to do so!

Ensure that your company website, and any other sites that you use to list your vacancies, are up-to-date, consistent and fully populated with information in-line with your company’s employer branding. 

Additionally, social media can be used to communicate the values of your company’s employer brand and culture. Keep your social media platforms up to date with behind the scenes pictures and stories of events, days out, and activities that your employees partake in, even something as simple as putting on a lunchtime spread for an employee’s birthday! 

The key here is to focus on making your company appear as desirable as possible to potential candidates. Just as we all focus on projecting the best impression possible of our lives on social media, you should do the same with your business! 

Taking a step back to reflect on your business’ employer branding could be the key to improving your recruitment efforts, and ensuring that you have the best pool of potential candidates at your disposal when recruiting for future vacancies. 


If you need a little help overhauling your company’s employer branding- we can help! Contact us today to find out more about our branding and social media marketing services…

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