Magento Version 2 – Everything You Need to Know

With the end of Magento 1 fast approaching, now is the time to be thinking about how you can smoothly transition into Magento 2. We should emphasise however that your site will not suddenly crash on 1st July, but you will need to undertake two important steps to ensure that your store remains secure and that you can also continue to process payments.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the essential Magento updates and when to implement them.

What Version of Magento Does My Site Have?

For merchants who want to find out the current version of Magento on their site, you can simply check this by logging into the Magento admin panel and looking in the footer, the version number should be listed here.

Planning Your Migration from Magento 1

If your e-commerce site operates on Magento 1, we would advise migrating to the newer version sooner rather than later.

The performance improvements and security enhancements offered by Magento 2 are just some of its exciting new features.

According to Adobe, migrating to Magento 2 will give merchants access to a range of new features including much improved performance, advanced SEO, an improved checkout experience and enhanced security.

Where Can I Get Magento Version 2?

Once you have used monitoring software to discover a critical bug in your Magento 1 platform, you will be alerted immediately and prompted to have an emergency fix implemented. Please note, this is only the first line of defence. Netbiz Group would recommend getting a functional patch installed within 2 weeks.

What Patches Are Available?

Adobe will no longer be providing these patches, but we would recommend-

OpenMage – OpenMage is an open-source solution that promises community sourced patches. To install and test OpenMage you will also need a capable developer.

Be Prepared for Magento 2

Sufficient preparation is required to keep your Magento 1 store up and secure beyond the end of June 2020. Implementing monitoring for visibility will help you to identify risky situations. We would also recommend finding out as much as possible about the avenues for Magento 1 patches in the future.

Get in Touch If You Need Support

If you currently have a Magento 1 store and want to know more about upgrading your site to version 2, please get in touch with Netbiz Group today.

We have a team of dedicated Account Managers who will be able to talk through all the necessary updates to Magento and how you can fully realise the potential of your site.