Google Analytics 4

Released way back in 2020, Google Analytics 4, or GA4, has firmly become a key analytical tool for many businesses. With an easy to view dashboard, measuring key metrics, users can analyse the performance of their website. However, many businesses will currently be more informed regarding Universal Analytics.
If you set up your analytics account prior to GA4’s release, you’ll likely have UA, or universal analytics. While this version of analytics has done us proud for a number of years, the introduction of GA4 offers increased functionality and better reporting.

Updating To GA4

Migrating from UA to GA4 has understandably led to a number of businesses being concerned that they will lose historic data, as for all intents and purposes it’s a new platform. This is where we can put your mind at ease and say that this update certainly won’t lose your historic data, only improve future data.
This update has removed a number of key features that some businesses have been enjoying with older versions, such as bounce rates (it’s being replaced by the more beneficial “Engaged Sessions”. However, GA4 allows you to view web and app data all in one interface, making it more future-ready for most businesses.

Universal Analytics

Google has announced that UA will cease the processing of data as of July 1st, 2023. While this is currently still over a year away, setting up GA4 in advance allows you to start making the most of its features and to adopt its changes before it becomes a forced move.
You can have both forms of analytics running parallel allowing you to view both sets of data, simply view the other in the property selector or admin screen. While Google currently has no plans to remove existing data on UA it is strongly recommended that all data is exported ready for the eventuality.

GA4 At Netbiz

For many businesses taking the time out to set up GA4, or to analyse the data that it offers, is a time-consuming process. The experts at Netbiz are currently offering this as a service to ensure that all our clients are migrated to GA4 well in advance of UA ceasing data processing.
If you are interested in GA4, please speak to your Account Manager today, or contact our offices for more information.

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