Does Print Marketing Have A Place In 2022?

As the global stage moves towards a digital world, we question print marketing’s place in the marketing strategies of 2022. Does it truly have a place in this economy, or is it time to move on to fresh and new strategies?

Print Marketing

Print marketing is unfortunately seen by many as the leaflets that are pushed through your door. However, print marketing is more than a small printed leaflet. It encompasses everything from a small business card, to a large billboard. It can include luxury brochures, printed flyers for purchases and even letterheads, stickers and calendars.
Print marketing has been considered to have a 20% higher motivation response, thanks to it engaging the senses. Combining a 64% recall rate and the potential of an 80% action rate, print marketing is still considered a vital element of the marketing mix.
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Benefits Of Print

Print marketing has a number of benefits to offer a brand, and while many of these can be accomplished by digital marketing strategies the combination of both digital and print offers a more accomplished strategy.
Raise brand recognition – with print media offering a higher recall rate than digital, this helps to increase the brand’s recognition and awareness from marketing efforts.
Reach a wider audience – While 92% of adults use the internet, you cannot guarantee those that use it are finding the digital ads. Whereas print media can be directly targetted, whether this is via location, purchases or even at events.
Gain attention – the digital world may not always stand out as being different, but in a digital era, having an item of print media stands out from the rest. It offers the consumer something that they cannot simply scroll past.
Provide visual information – consider the likes of Just Eat, on a restaurant’s online menu, they cannot offer a visual representation of a dish, while a printed menu can. It also encourages the consumer to make the purchase.
Promote special offers – special offers with print media can be considered in a number of ways, depending on the target user. They can be used as an offer that is to be presented in-store or can simply offer a code to be used online. Having the offer printed in front of the consumer increases their attention and the chance of purchase.

Luxury Print

With the introduction of websites, a brand was considered a luxury when they called in a web design service to create the perfect website. However, as websites have increased in popularity this has become the opposite, whereby brochures are now considered a luxury.
Brochures, particularly those that are printed on high-quality materials, appeal to the consumer’s senses of touch and even scent, which a website simply cannot offer.
Our graphic design agency can help in all aspects of design and developing the perfect luxury brochure to showcase your products and services. We also recommend incorporating your website design into your brochure, or vice versa, as this helps to increase brand recognition.

Location-Based Print Marketing

Location-based marketing, also known as proximity marketing makes the most of the target audience being those within a certain radius of your business. This style of marketing is ideal for a variety of businesses, who by nature, primarily target nearby consumers. Prime examples that you will have seen are takeaway menus.
However, it is not just takeaways that this is for of print marketing works for, you can also consider care homes, as many individuals will want to be close to their existing home, or a family member (who would also receive the marketing).
While not all recipients will become customers, those targetted have an increased likelihood due to proximity.


In a digital era, it would be wrong to assume that print media would survive on its own as a marketing strategy. This means that integrating your online presence with your print marketing is highly recommended.
Increasingly we are seeing QR codes appearing on print marketing that offers a print to online technology. Brands can then link this QR code to a specific page or offer on their website.
This form of integration allows you to target your print marketing to specific campaigns, whereby the content can be easily updated, without going back to print. It also allows you to offer potential customers an easy access point to your website.

Print Marketing In 2022

With the question initially being does print marketing have a place in 2022? The simple answer is yes, it does still have a place. While this place has greatly reduced from decades gone by, for the right business in the right campaign, print marketing is still a valuable tool in a marketer’s belt.

Graphic Design For Print

When it comes to designing your print marketing our graphic design company is on hand to create the perfect piece for your brand. Our design team are well versed with years of experience in understanding brand identity and logo design to ensure that your new print marketing is on-brand, eye-catching and appealing to the ultimate target consumer.

We are more than just a UK-based web design company. Our expertise ventures beyond graphic design, web development and even hosting. With a complete digital marketing portfolio in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas, our experts can assist with SEO, Social Media Marketing and PPC. For more information on our range of services, please contact our team of friendly account managers who will be happy to discuss your brand’s requirements.

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