Cyber Security Month 2018 – Is Cyber Security Worth It?

Cyber crime and cyber security are the concern of the whole business and not merely a concern of the IT professionals. As we discussed in the previous blog risk comprises of financial loss, damage to reputation and regulatory fines.

Regardless of size or scale, every organisation is at risk, and here at Netbiz Group, we try to get that across to all our clients and staff. But one of the biggest hurdles we face is clients asking, “Is it worth it?” “Why should I go for this plan over this cheaper one?”

So far we’ve looked at ‘What is cyber security?‘ ‘Where cyber attacks come from‘ and ‘What are the business implications?’ So, in the final chapter of our four-part series, we’re going to discuss why cyber security is so important and how here at Netbiz Group we can help your business.

Why Does Cyber Security Matter?

As we’ve mentioned over the previous three parts, organisations of all sizes have experienced some form of cyber attack over the last 12 months. This outlines the fact that cyber crime is a real concern.

One of the biggest reasons that cyber security is so important is that we live in a world where we’re all connected. Technology is evolving, and we now live in a completely mobile world and with more technology, it provides criminals with more opportunities. The impact of breaches on individuals and organisations will have an impact far wider than their immediate target.

How do People feel about Cyber Security?

The industry faces a problem shifting people’s perceptions and attitudes towards cyber security.

Individuals feel that cyber security isn’t a concern of theirs and is something for those higher up the management chain or their hosting service to concern themselves with. Organisation are not treating cyber attacks as a crime and failing to report a breach and finally individuals “feel they are doing all they can” despite looking for the simplest or most often cheapest solution.

So, what could the perception gap mean for you? Well, your cyber security is only as good as its weakest link. If proper education of security doesn’t run through your entire organisation. Employees who are vulnerable can put your organisation at risk.

Staff awareness is the best solution for protecting yourself and the more you communicate with your staff the greater protection you’re going to receive. As we discussed before, a percentage of cyber-attack starts from human error from within.

How Can We Help with Your Cyber Security?

As cyber crime is such a threat it is important that you take all the necessary steps to protect yourself as well as educate yourself about cyber security measures… and that is where we step in.

Here at Netbiz, we’ve been working with businesses of all sizes with a variety of web services including web design, web development and web hosting and support. As of 2018, we host around 500 websites and we understand the importance of the performance, reliability and security in day to day operations. We often ask our clients how much could you lose if your business went offline for an hour?

As we’ve grown as a business we have developed state of the art solutions for help support and protect your website. What sets us apart from other web hosting people is that we use real people and hosting staff to monitor, oversee and react to changes to our client’s websites.

Our Hosting & IT Infrastructure Manager has 24/7 alerts to ensure your website is always running at peak performance. Using his wisdom, we’ve invested heavily in our hosting systems to mitigate risks of attacks, data breaches and hacks.

Here are his top three tips for staying secure online…

Tip 1: Choose a strong secure password, you’d be surprised how many people have the classic ‘password’ or ‘123456’ combination… I’m not joking!
Tip 2: Only purchase from secure sites. In these instances you’re paying for something on your credit card, information cyber criminals are wanting to get their hands on. You can identify a secure site by its https: as well as a padlock in the top left corner.
Tip 3: Finally be aware of what you’re downloading. Most cyber attacks will trick you into downloading files or emails with malware designed to steal information.

Speak to Our Team for Information about our Service

If you would like to improve your security online, we’re here to help. Over 500 customers to trust us with the well-being of their businesses, so you can rest assured you’re in a safe pair of hands. We’ll be happy to sit down and go through your site in full and discuss how we can improve your online presence.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series of blogs on cyber security and most importantly we hope you’ve learnt something about cyber security.

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