7 Reasons Why… WordPress 

The perfect blogging platform

The roots of WordPress are steeped in blogging, with many people using it for simply writing posts; but the platform has evolved into so much more.

Having said this, it remains one of the cleanest, fastest ways to write and publish posts. 

Support for different media types

WordPress has expanded its capabilities over the years, allowing a number of media types to be integrated into blogs and pages, including images, documents, audio and video content. 

One of the only file formats not allowed on WordPress is SVGs, but if you want to add photos, gifs, videos or documents onto your site; they are all fair game. 

When publishing a post on WordPress, you also have the option of posting it as a thread on your Twitter account; meaning you can reach your social media followers directly with your content in a whole new way.

Our Web Design Stoke on Trent can help to design your new website to incorporate the different types of media you will be adding.

User friendly

Even if you have never used WordPress before, it is really simple to use plus you have the opportunity of video and written guides for its different features.

Furthermore, the admin dashboard is simple to understand and navigate, whether you are writing content, customising settings or installing plugins or themes.

If you are a more seasoned CMS user, the platform also allows you to customise every aspect of your site so you can create something truly bespoke. 

Wordfence security

Whether you are running a small showcase or something bigger, you will want your site to be secure. There are plenty of excellent free options to protect your site such as Wordfence Security. 

It is always smart to be hands-on with your site’s security, so taking simple precautions will help to protect your site from harmful activity. 

Rank higher in search engines

The main aim of your website is to drive traffic and enquiries, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through effective Search Engine Optimisation. This means optimising your site’s content to make it ‘Google friendly’ and easy to find through relevant search terms. 

WordPress is well-optimised for search engines, using plugins such as Yoast SEO, which helps you to optimise your content and metadata to rank higher on Google searches. 

SEO-Optimised images

Images are a crucial SEO asset and will play a crucial role in how your content is engaged with. They also supply search engine bots with important contextual information, and according to Moz, one-third of all Google searches happen on Google Images. 

Optimised images can also speed up page loading times and improve user experience and provide additional ranking opportunities. WordPress allows you to easily add alternative text to images that will describe them and explain them easier to search bots.

Mobile & Social Media Integration

The number of users who access sites through smartphones and tablets has increased incredibly over the last few years. Using WordPress as your platform will put your mind at ease, as most themes are already optimised for mobile phones. 

When it comes to social media integration, WordPress is well ahead of its competition, with plenty of plugins available to maximise presence across social platforms. You are also able to add social media buttons to content giving users the option to embed social links on your site to encourage them to share your content on their feeds. 

We hope that we’ve given you some food for thought when deciding the platform for your next website. If you would like an informal chat about WordPress or any other part of your digital marketing strategy, we are here to help! Contact one of our friendly Account Managers to get started…

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