7 Reasons Why… Email Marketing 

As the world of digital marketing continues to grow and evolve it’s easy to underestimate the importance of email marketing. A solid email marketing strategy is still a fantastic way to stay in touch with your audience. 

In fact, the average email marketing budget now accounts for over 20% of most businesses’ total marketing budgets.   

So, if your business has neglected its email marketing strategy, here are 7 reasons why you should look at reviving it…

A cost-effective solution 

If you’re new to the world of marketing or are taking tentative steps to expand your business’s marketing strategy, then email marketing is a fantastic place to start! Not only is email marketing the most traditional form of digital marketing, but it’s also the most cost-effective…

Email marketing enables you to reach a large number of consumers, with an extremely low cost per email. In addition, studies have shown that email marketing campaigns also lead to high rates of conversions (we’ll touch on this in more detail later). As a result, the cost per conversion tends to be extremely low in comparison to other popular forms of digital marketing. 

Perhaps this explains why, even as new forms of digital marketing continue to evolve, businesses keep returning to email marketing as a reliable and cost-effective way to reach their target market. 

Create personalisable content 

Email marketing campaigns provide a straightforward method for sending out personalised content en masse- have you ever noticed how the marketing emails that land in your inbox are often addressed directly to you? 

Around three quarters of marketers believe that personalisation increases customer engagement, so, having the ability to address your customer directly through email marketing can only be a positive thing. 

Thoughtfully considering the content of your emails, and personalising them where possible, will give you a line of communication to your customers, that will help you to build loyalty and trust in your brand!

Drive traffic and conversions 

When it comes to driving conversions, email marketing is by far the most effective tool at a digital marketer’s disposal. The average click-through rate of marketing emails is around 6 times higher than click-throughs from social media! 

In addition to the ease of personalising marketing emails, it’s also possible to include extremely clear and concise calls to action. As a result, a solid email marketing campaign will drive traffic to your website, and consequently, increase conversions. 

Collect data and feedback 

Email marketing provides a fantastic opportunity to gain some insight into the minds of your customers. Any email marketing software will show you who opened your email, whether they clicked or not, which links they chose to click, and who deleted the email without opening it- or unsubscribed altogether. 

As a result, you can easily measure how your customers are responding to your marketing emails, and even adjust them accordingly to increase the chances of successful click-throughs and conversions. 

Additionally, email marketing provides a fantastic opportunity to reach your customers with surveys and requests for feedback, following a purchase or interaction with your business or website. So, email marketing is a great way to get to know your customers better, and to find out how they feel about your business and brand. 

Easy retargeting 

While click-through and conversion rates can be extremely high when it comes to email marketing, not every customer will choose to open your email and click. If they do click through, there’s a high chance that they might get distracted before converting. 

This is where retargeting comes in! When it comes to email marketing there are straightforward methods for retargeting those customers that didn’t open your email the first time they received it, or who may have opened it- and perhaps even clicked through to your site, but didn’t convert. By utilising retargeting opportunities, you can increase the potential for successful conversions even further. 

A link to your customer’s pocket 

Did you know that 99% of people now admit to checking their emails at least once per day? With the popularity of mobile phones, it’s now easier than ever to keep on top of your inbox- with the ability to check your emails on the go practically anywhere… 

With this in mind, you should consider a strong email marketing campaign to be a direct link to your customer’s pocket! If you can get some exciting news, or a fantastic offer, into your customer’s inbox ready for the next time they’re waiting for the bus, standing in a queue, or just engaging in some evening scrolling, then you quite literally have a sitting audience!  

The perfect opportunity for self-promotion 

While email marketing is a fantastic way to drive traffic and conversions, this shouldn’t be the only focus of your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is also a fantastic tool for building brand awareness, loyalty and trust. 

A successful email marketing campaign will be built around a combination of both sales and brand promotion. Tell your customers all about your brand and business, shout about your positive contributions to charities and local issues, share news of business growth and new employees, and of course, celebrate the achievements of your staff!

By utilising your email marketing campaigns for the promotion of your brand, you will strengthen the relationship between your business and your customers. 

Email marketing might have come a long way since the first promotional email was sent in 1978, but it’s certainly not going anywhere any time soon! If you need a little support to get your email marketing strategy back on track, we can help! Contact one of our friendly Account Managers today to get started.

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